The most effective exercise for a flat stomach, according to a trainer

What is the most effective exercise to have a flat stomach? It seems like an easy question to answer, but obviously not everything is black or white in this type of issue. However, the coach Sandra Lorden Alvarez The answer is quite clear: deadbug (or dead bug), a move that does not usually top the usual lists of popular exercises to work the abdomen but that has many advantages when working the core. The expert chooses it with the permission of the abdominal planks, other of his favourites. “If I have to choose the most effective abdominal exercise, it would be difficult for me to choose between the dead bug and the abdominal plates, but I prefer the first one because it manages to activate all the muscles that make up the abdomen to have six pack”, explains the expert.

Anyone can do it

Contrary to traditional sit-ups that involve the neck and cervical vertebrae, this position that mimics that of an insect on its back – hence its curious name – is a pilates exercise. “It’s simple and everyone can do it,” explains the expert.

How to do it correctly

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The starting position is lying on your back on the mat, with your feet apart and your knees raised 90 degrees. “The arms are extended straight towards the ceiling, with the palms of the hands facing one in front of the other. The first thing is to extend the right leg forward, straight, without touching the ground. And just at the same time, stretch your left arm backwards”, explains Lordén.

the coach too emphasizes the importance of breathing. “Inspire when stretching, expire when collecting and squeeze and activate the abdomen at the same time, pulling in the navel and pushing out.” Then return to the starting position and repeat the same process with the opposite leg and hand, in a coordinated manner, alternating legs and hands at the same time. “My recommendation is to do 3 sets of about 10-20 repetitions, depending on the level of each one,” she adds.

If you want to add intensity…

You can place some dumbbells in your hands and some weight anklets on the ankles if you want to increase the intensity.

A reminder: “Abs are made in the kitchen”

Although we are facing an effective and universal exercise, Lordén Álvarez recalls a mythical and necessary phrase: “Abdominals are made in the kitchen. To have a defined abdomen we have to have a low body fat percentage. As much as we work the abdomen every day with 200 different exercises, if we don’t have a low percentage of fat, they won’t be seen, ”he explains. If you’re doing abdominal training and still don’t see results, it may have something to do with this. “A lot of people have well-built abs, but you can’t see them because of the fat that covers them.”

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