The most curious devices to warm you this winter without spending on heating

The price of electricity has skyrocketed this year, therefore thousands of Spaniards are looking for the best tricks to save on their bills. Some of them consist of wrapping up with thousands of layers so as not to get cold at home or turning on the heating for a couple of hours, however, from 20Bits we want to offer you Five devices to keep you warm at home without spending.

rechargeable hand warmer

Do you often have cold hands during winter? Don’t worry, Hiluckey’s hand warmer heats evenly and has three heating modes thanks to its 10,000mAh capacity.

The device is compact, delicate, easy to carry and also works as a power bank laptop. Namely, you can warm your hands and charge your mobile for eight or twelve hoursLikewise, the charging time is five hours.

The price of the heater is €25.99 and you can buy it at this link.

Hand warmer.
Hand warmer.

Passive Cooker

portable heater

The Bastilipo brand portable heater is included with a soft textile bag, it has a safety shutdown system, offers continuous heat for four to eight hourshas a power of 600 W, and its power supply is by cable.

The device is available at the following link by €29.90.

portable heater
portable heater

Users will be able to control their gas and water spending from a distance.

heated socks

The package includes a pair of heated socks, two pieces of batteries, two USB cables, and a user manual. On the side of the socks there is a small pocket in which batteries can be inserted, in addition, are equipped with three levels of heating (located on the sole and instep).

Such product is made of high elastic core yarn with a variety of fibers in the outer layer, moisture wicking, breathable, can be washed by hand or in the washing machine, and they have a unisex size (adapted for most people).

The heated socks cost €32.88 and you can buy them at this link.

Heated socks.
Heated socks.

The graphene radiator from the Asian brand can also be used to humidify the environment.

foot warmer

This foot warmer has six temperature levels and four timers. The surface material of the heater is made of flannel, while the interior is equipped with a soft fluffy lining.

The device warms the feet with an LED control, se turns off automatically after 90 minutes of power on, it has protection against overheating and protects the risk of fire. On the other hand, the product is available up to size 44 footwear in Europe.

Cost €37.99 and you can compare it in this link.

foot warmer
foot warmer

In recent years, the demand for low-consumption electric heating has increased.

heated scarf

The electric heating pad scarf has three temperaturesthe heat spreads around the neck to promote blood circulation, the device must be connected to power bankis rechargeable by USB and offers an adjustable temperature.

East gadget cost €38.88 and you can buy it at this link.

Heated scarf.
Heated scarf.

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