The Mob Tailor by Graham Moore

First movie released Graham Moore as filmed theater or chamber work when it is a simple cluedothat detective and mystery game invented in 1948 by Anthony Pratt that closely resembles the crime maid novels Christie Agatha. Stereotyped and flat characters, theatrical performances, closed environments and continuous turns, outside all logic, to mislead the viewer.

Leonard (Mark relaunch) is an English tailor who emigrates to Chicago and is forced to make exclusive suits for his mafia clients together with his assistant, the innocent Mable (Zoey Deutch). One afternoon, Richie Boyle breaks into his store.Dylan O’Brien), the loose-headed son of mob boss Roy Boyle (simon russell), accompanied by his irascible colleague Francis (Johnny Flynn), so that the tailor sews a hole, and not precisely in the fabric. The situation gets complicated, but Leonard seems to dominate the situation thanks to his British phlegm and quick reflexes.

The viewer is stunned, and bored, to the continual twists and turns of the script (the last one is fireworks) and the entrances and exits of a series of characters from the tailor shop (Violet (Nikki Amuka-Bird) and its black mobsters turn out to be grotesque) in an endless night, to the point of ignoring a story that doesn’t have an iota of credibility and isn’t even funny. The best moments are the beginning, when the tailor Leonard, cutter she insists, talks about her old trade, marks fabrics with blue chalk and, scissors in hand, cuts and sews. The rest quite forgettable.

Seeing The mafia tailor one can’t help but remember The rope (chest included), one of the many masterpieces of Alfred Hitchcockan extraordinarily well-executed chamber work by the magician of suspense, or even of the movies american buffalo Y Playhouse of David Mametshot on a single stage.

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