The Minister of the Asia-Pacific Region poked the PCB on the complaints of residents about the land


The ATR/BPN Minister admits that he still receives a lot of complaints from the public about land disputes. The most widely reported cases involve land disputes involving BUMN/BUMD assets and residents.

Initially, Hadi spoke about four issues that will be discussed at the 2023 Agrarian Reform Task Force (GTRA) Summit in Karimun District, Riau Island. He gave the example of a land dispute case involving land owned by BOOM with residents of North Sumatra (North Sumatra).

“PTPN is yet to be resolved in Simalingkar (North Sumatra), not yet completed. Let’s get on with it,” Hadi said at the GTRA Summit Welcome Dinner event at Carimoon Regency, Riau Islands on Tuesday (August 29, 2023).

Hadi said that a lot of public complaints about land disputes also went to the Office of the President (PCB). He warned that the complaint should be dealt with immediately.

“Every day the KSP receives complaints from the public, thousands of complaints from the public. Are we just reading, piling it up? We are sinners,” Hadi said.

Hadi acknowledged that land issues are always complex and require the involvement of many departments. He stressed the importance of eliminating sectoral egos between departments and ministries when resolving land disputes.

He added that the GTRA summit is expected to be more than just a gala event. These activities, Hadi continued, should lead to results that the community can experience.

“This is a problem that we have to solve at the GTR summit. Therefore, at this GTRA summit, we held 11 FGDs with representatives of ministries. We hope that this GTRA summit will not only be ceremonial, but we will do it on the ground. concrete work for society,” Hadi explained.

“I am sure that tomorrow we will declare our enthusiasm with firm determination to give people confidence that the state exists for the people. We will solve problems on the ground, albeit in stages,” he added.

4 land issues discussed at the GTRA 2023 summit

The Agrarian Reform Task Force (GTRA) summit was again held this year in Karimun District, Riau Islands. Four land issues will be discussed at the second GTRA summit.

The 2023 GTRA Summit is dedicated to the theme “Transforming Agrarian Reform: Realizing Legal Certainty, Sustainability and Welfare of the People”. The topic concerns many land problems that arise in society.

“This topic is motivated by various agrarian affairs in the form of disputes, conflicts and land affairs in our country,” said Dalu Agung Darmawan, Director General of the Agricultural Administration Department of the Ministry of Agrarian Affairs and Spatial Planning/National Land Agency. at the GTRA Summit Coordination Meeting at Carimoon Regency, Riau Islands, Tuesday (August 29, 2023).

This year’s GTRA Summit will feature 264 attendees who will travel directly to Regency Karimun. The action continued today until Thursday (August 31).

Dalu said there are four sub-themes that will be discussed in detail at this year’s GTRA summit. The topic includes the legality of the settlement of assets on the water.

“From the mentioned main theme, there are 4 sub-themes, which, in our opinion, are the object of GTRA attention from the center and regions. First, strengthening the asset laundering scheme for settlements on the water, small islands and the most remote small islands; ” He said.

The second issue under discussion relates to the agrarian conflicts around the BMN/BUMD and BMN/PRO assets, which are controlled by the society. Two other issues that were also at the center of this year’s GTRA summit are related to policy directions for addressing land resettlement and accelerating land recovery from reclaiming forest areas.

“The GTRA Summit is a form of cooperation and cooperation among stakeholders in accelerating agrarian reform to address issues in the process of synchronizing asset management and access, as well as efforts to find breakthroughs in solving these problems,” Dalu said.


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