The Metro tunnel boring machine is already in Cerro Maimón to expedite the rescue of miners

The tunnel boring machine that President Luis Abinader had promisedduring his visit this past Thursday to the Cerros de Maimón mine, where two workers are trapped, is already in the mining facilities.

The drilling tool was sent from the capital city by the Office for the Reorganization of Transport (Opret) to develop the last phase of the access in the rescue work that is carried out.

Since this Friday morning, the experts, in charge of the rescue, are evaluating the usefulness of the machinery for the excavation.

This mine has deposits of copper concentrate and zinc concentrate and the concession space includes 3,400 hectares to extract and process metallic minerals.

Hermani Salazartechnical director of Opret, who was responsible for transporting the equipment, which was used in the construction of the Metro in Santo Domingo, said that today morning they will be thoroughly analyzing the work that can be done with the equipment.

“First we must see the terrain, access to the tunnel and everything else with the mine technicians, because they are the ones who will decide how we are going to proceed,” Salazar said.

Likewise, the technical director explained that the tunnel boring machine, which since last night has been in the facilities of the Dominican Mining Corporation (Cormidom), It is a kind of giant drill.

“She is cutting with the steel arm that is in front of her and with another piece that is underneath, she is removing the material from the rear,” he specified.

In the same way, he said that it is an agile method of excavation in not very large tunnels and that, for the situation, he believes that it would work “perfectly”.

The efforts being made in the aforementioned town are for the rescue of Gregory Méndez Torres and Carlos Yepez, who were trapped since dawn last Sunday in the Cerros de Maimón mine.

Previously, the director of Mining, Rolando Muñoz, had stated that the rescue of the two miners could take several days.

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