The metaverse is “a poorly made game” according to the head of Xbox, who does not want to spend time on it – Xbox Series X | yes

In the last hours, phil spencer has emerged as a protagonist as a result of the statements he has made in the WSJ Tech Live after Microsoft introduced the last quarter financial results. In that talk she has dealt with different aspects of the present and future of Xbox in the industry, but he has also had time to talk about other issues that are gaining relevance in recent months, such as the metaverse.

It is not the first time that the head of Xbox talk about doubts with this idea, and from the beginning he has been doubtful about its possibilities. A Spencer nor is he convinced by the metaverse as it stands right nowand in fact it is quite blunt in the statements that the journalist has collected Tom Warrenof TheVerge:

“Today [el metaverso] it’s a bad game. Building a metaverse that is like a living room is not a place I want to spend my time. What I see about the world of the metaverse is that it is still in an early stage, and it will evolve.”


The Xbox store for mobile

For Phil Spencer it is more important to focus his efforts on other aspects of the technology market that have to do directly with video games. A few days ago it came to light that Xbox is working in a mobile store that would compete with Google and Apple on both Android and iOSand the boss thinks it’s a good opportunity to access more players.

“If a long-term bet is made that we can have access to players on Android and iOS, we want to be in that position with a store to take advantage of it”, Spencer has declared. This speech coincides with the one that the Xbox boss himself gave in relation to how to treat the saga call of duty if they end up with it, highlighting that the ideal for the company would be to bring the franchise to as many screens as possible, with mobile devices playing a leading role in this regard.

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