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The cheers were replaced by a sense of disappointment, despite the fact that he did his job brilliantly. Javelin thrower Anete Kociņa was 20 centimeters away from a medal at the World Championships in Athletics. 4th place at Cochin with a score of 63.18 meters. Lina Muse took 9th place (58.43) in Sirma, and none of the three Latvian javelin throwers – Patriks Gailums (77.43), Rolands Strobinders (74.46) and Gatis Cakss (73.42) – could get qualified. Long-distance runner Agathe Konet withdrew from the 5000m final due to injury. The World Championships in Athletics were held in Budapest from 19 to 27 August.

Latvia’s main hope in the javelin final was Muse-Sirma, who showed the best result in the qualification (63.50), but Kocinya was pleasantly pleased.

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