The maximum number of credit cards you should have, according to experts

Having a credit card is a benefit that many Colombians choose to make purchases of any kind and defer payment in installments, in case they do not have enough cash to pay for a product immediately.

In some cases, banks offer their users portfolio options with two and three cards to make purchases and not have to go into debt with a single plastic, however, it is advisable to know exactly how many cards you can have a good credit life and health stable financial.

Expert economists assure that it is best to have a maximum of three cards and combine the quota between them in order to have good money management.

However, this number may vary depending on the payment capacity and the way the card is managed from month to month.

In this sense, the Nu Bank gives some recommendations for the responsible use of the card:

  • Organize your expenses: first of all, a budget containing an analysis of your income and your expenses should be carried out regularly. This must include the costs of the credit card and the use that will be given to it month by month, taking into account that this plastic money must represent an aid and not an unnecessary expense. There are tools that help make this control easier to carry out and allow you to adjust the credit limit from your cell phone, ensuring that you do not spend more than planned.
  • Review the costs before choosing a credit card: It is important to keep in mind that, by October 2020, according to data from the Superfinanciera, there were 2 million cards blocked due to non-payment. Delinquency, many times, can be the result of the same costs generated by the product, since some cards carry additional charges such as handling fee, fee for each time it is used, cost for cash withdrawals and inactivity, among others. It is important when carrying out financial planning to take into account these extra expenses or opt for entities that do not charge these additional costs.

Popularly, credit cards can be associated with excessive spending and lack of control, but the truth is that these means of payment can become great tools to meet goals and achieve personal objectives, as long as an affordable, profitable and affordable option is chosen. according to the user profile and their needs.

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