The Marvel universe expands and Dakota Fanning could be a fantastic four

Before we get carried away by the rumor there are two key questions. The first revolves around what challenge the Marvel franchise had to overcome and has not done so by creating parallel universes, impossible worlds, almost unthinkable powers, and a cast with actors of exquisite luxury. The answer will not surprise you: none. The second question relates to which actress or actor would refuse in their right mind to be even for a moment or a brief scene part of the great expanding universe of Marvel. This answer will not surprise you either: none.

And it is that the Marvel Cinematic Universe is in a process of expansion after finishing the Infinity Saga and with the running of the Phase 4 where new titles were released with properties that are a complete debut as Moon Knight or Ms. Marvel. In this sense, the acquisition of Fox by Disney is key because from that operation the brand led by Kevin Feig can develop the film of the Fantastic Four or the X Men.


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