The manual of (non) style for company dinners

“Today I want to confess…” (if you haven’t read this singing by Isabel Pantoja, bad. Very bad. Another chance). Today I want to confess that being autonomous for more than 10 years has many advantages and some drawbacks. One of them is that I don’t have a company dinner. That moment -endearing?- where you forget who is the boss after having two extra wines and the next morning you pray that the boss had also had two wines and doesn’t remember your disagreements at karaoke. These Christmas dinners usually leave unforgettable moments, such as running into the accounting lady wearing the same dress as you. That’s what you get for buying where everyone else is. Don’t worry, she has a sense of humor, as she was awarded this year when she met Doña Letizia, who was going to give her the award, with the same look. And of course, who competes with the queen. Well nothing, good smile, hug and photo to remember.

Balenciaga potato bag

More little things to be careful with at the company’s Christmas dinner… It’s worth it to be a day to throw in the rest and show all your buddies that you’re stylish and you’re not the typical boring suit jacket (although whatever you normally wear because you don’t get brain cells at seven in the morning after dressing the churumbeles). But be careful, and don’t be inspired by Kristen Stewart or Timothee Chalamet at this year’s Oscars. Both left part of the clothes at home, or that’s the feeling it gave. Do not forget that on Monday you will return to the office. Of course, strip sequins, glitter or heels if necessary. He debuts the velvet suit that he has been in the closet collecting dust for months. Dazzle if you wish, that things have to be celebrated And if everyone in your company is boring, tell them not to wait until they go to a funeral to wear the perfect black dress, that It is life that must be celebrated.

Kristen Stewart in a suit jacket and shorts at the Oscars 2022
Kristen Stewart in a suit jacket and shorts at the Oscars 2022

If the party is fancy dress or themed, don’t be boring and join the team. I have friends who have had to dress up as medieval knights or Santa Claus elves. I don’t know how they did it, but they did it. If you are not one of strange teams, at least wink, surely there are people who have put a lot of work into the event to try to make you have the best possible time. In addition, it is not the day for claims either. Remember that the rules of etiquette are a recommendation, not an obligation and that the hosts put them, generally, to make life easier for the guests and that no one feels displaced by being very different from the rest. It is not something moth-eaten, as the Secretary of State, Ángela Rodriguez, thought. Which led him to make a somewhat meaningless allegation about wearing a tie, as if that were something revolutionary or transgressive.

Interview with the Secretary of State for Equality Ángela Rodríguez.
The Secretary of State for Equality Ángela Rodríguez.

But finally, if you are going to the company party, the most important thing is that you put on a smile and a pretty good face. I already know that you wouldn’t go to a party with your colleagues on any given Friday (or would you?) and that going out for wine with your boss is not the best of plans. But hey, after all, this is a moment that tries to be as pleasant as possible and If you are at a work party, you have work… and as this 2022 is finished, that is something to celebrate. Although later you may regret the two extra wines. Health!

Ada Colau, Mayor of Barcelona, ​​at the event at the Pompeu Fabra University.

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