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Not only in the private sector, but also in the business sector of Latvia, the number of electric vehicles is growing strongly, reaching a growth of 158% in 2022. Significantly, in the new car segment, the demand for electric cars already exceeds the demand for diesel cars. This drives changes to both the latest housing stock and office offerings, including electric vehicle charging options in projects so that both residents and employees can meet their needs in the future. That’s why Electric drive also offers its solutions to companies that develop their environmentally friendly fleet or improve existing services, as EfTEN Capital does.

In line with the requirements of modern office buildings, it was opened today. Electric drive in collaboration with EfTEN Capital the largest electric charging point was created in Latvia – in the office complex New Teika Riga. For the needs of companies, residents and guests, there are three charging stations for electric vehicles with 28 ports and a charging power of 22 kW. The special charging price of 0.18 EUR/kWh will be valid at the new station until 31 August. It has already been reported that the public charging network in Latvia is growing the fastest compared to neighboring countries: for every 10 registered electric vehicles, there are 2.38 stations, in Estonia – 0.57, and in Lithuania – 0.93 stations.

“Even if it’s just a coincidence, it’s important – today, August 29, marks 4 years since we offer electric vehicle charging services under the Elektrum brand. At the moment, we are the largest network of charging stations in Latvia, and cooperation with partners plays an important role. an important role in this, as in the case. Each port built in partnership brings a triple benefit – firstly for the environment, secondly for society and thirdly for the cooperation partner, which provides the most necessary convenience for a wide range of people,” says Nikita Gorbatko, Senior Project Manager at Electrum Drive.

Viktor Savin, EfTEN Capital Latvia Chairman of the Board: “The grand opening of the largest electric vehicle charging station in Latvia in Jauna Teika marks a significant step towards sustainable mobility and climate neutrality. This project not only caters to the growing demand for electric vehicle charging, but is also a beacon of progressive urban planning.

Us – EfTEN Capital And New Tales for tenants, this project means more than just a charging station. With improved affordability and efficiency, EV owners have the freedom to travel further, faster and with a smaller environmental footprint. Every car at our charging stations is proof of our strong commitment to creating a cleaner and more sustainable world.”

Vitold Kaupass, office complex New Teika manager: “Satisfaction of our tenants is paramount; By providing an electric charging infrastructure, we help our tenants to actively participate in the transition to sustainable transport, thereby reducing fuel costs, maintenance and taxes. Availability of electric charging In a new fairy tale adds a new level of convenience, creating a positive and modern tenant experience, and is just one of the first steps towards improving the convenience of Novaya Teika tenants.

It’s been 4 years since then Latvenergo WITH Electricity the brand started offering electric vehicle charging services, the brand’s charging network has become the largest in the country and is developing rapidly not only in Latvia, but also in Lithuania and Estonia – at the end of this year Electric drive More than 500 ports will be available on the network.

Electric drive works closely with entrepreneurs who need to ensure the availability of billing for their employees and customers, so we invite company representatives to contact Electric drivefilling out an application on the portal Electricity and seek advice on installing an appropriate charging point at your company premises. Electric drive offers its partners various cooperation models depending on the partner’s desired investment in the project, providing both partial and full financial support in the construction and equipping of the charging station.

EfTEN Capital is a leading real estate fund management company in the Baltic region, specializing in commercial real estate investments and offering comprehensive asset management services. With a solid track record of managing a diversified real estate portfolio, the company aims to deliver attractive returns to investors while focusing on responsible investment practices.

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