the large sum you charge for running a social media campaign

Yanfry Díaz Quiñónez, who in 2021 made his leap as a content producer on social networks, after a tender video recorded by his uncle in which he appeared walking “like a man”, revealed how much he charges those who want to advertise with him on Instagram, where he has 938,000 followers.

From their social networks they published an image with the rates for promoting a product, information that was replicated by accounts aware of the day after day of the influencers, one of them Digital Paparazzi.

For a photograph in his stories on Facebook – where he has 673,000 followers – the boy’s family, who manages his account, charges $770,000. For a post with a video on this social network, he charges a little more than double, specifically $1,650,000, and for a post ordinary, $1,100,000.

On Instagram, his rates are the same, except for a reel, for which he charges $2,200,000, while for a video On TikTok, a social network where the probability of making a post go viral is higher, the amount he charges amounts to $3,300,000.

Yanfry Díaz, a small five-year-old boy from Choco, stole the hearts of Colombians after his particular way of walking through the streets of the municipality of Istmina was spread last year on social networks. “Like a man, I walk like a man”, He stated in the viral video, responding to his uncle who, with a laugh, asks him: “Yanfry, why are you walking around like this all pretty? At that time, the recording, which was shared on TikTok by the minor’s uncle, received thousands of comments over several weeks. It even appeared in some audiovisual content with various influencers such as El Mindo and Luisa Fernanda W.

Yanfry and Vicky Dávila, in SEMANA

Yanfry Díaz Quiñones assured that he still does not know what he will be “when he grows up”, although he managed to answer yes when asked if he will be a footballer or a boxer. He also confirmed that he has a girlfriend and attends college.

As he said, he already knows how to write the vowels and pronounces some numbers in English. The boy, very charismatic, is in Bogotá and after being in the Congress of the Republic he visited Vicky Dávila, the director of WEEK, with whom he had a particular chat about his tastes, his family, his toys and a thousand other things.

In this particular conversation, Yanfry and Vicky Dávila ended by praying: “Angel of my guardian, sweet company, do not forsake me, neither by night nor by day, do not leave me alone, because I would lose myself, until you put me in peace and joy, with all the saints, Jesus and Mary, I give you my heart and soul that are more yours than mine. Amen”.

Yanfry’s disease

Tatiana Quiñones, Yanfry’s mother, took advantage of the popularity on social networks to reveal that the little one does not grow like a normal infant because he suffers from hypothyroidism, delicate disease for which you constantly need to take special drugs. “He doesn’t grow up like an ordinary child, since he also suffers from hypoglycemia. They give him seizures when he has hypoglycemia and he has to apply hormones every day ”he specified some time ago.

Following these statements, the National Police promised to provide all the necessary medical help to the minor, who began treatment at the end of last year to counteract these ailments. “Basically, a gland in Yanfry’s brain does not secrete the necessary amount of hormones. This affects both their growth and their metabolism, mainly that of insulin,” said Lewis Mendoza, a doctor at the institution, a year ago.

The doctor also said that the little one should follow a treatment to continue with his life. “Controlling that with good medication, Yanfry is going to have a life just like anyone else’s.” concluded.

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