The Kremlin has made it clear: the criteria for Putin’s soup are high age and low charisma

According to the Meduza portal, I have an application to head the Russian presidential administration team. And it seems that the main selection criteria are not distance and not servants, but especially age. No one under 50 can compete with a 70-year-old Putin, the server said, and the candidates are only spoken of as Putin’s sparring partners, not soup.

Another Kremlin spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, said in August that Russia’s presidential election was not truly democratic and that Putin would win it with no more than 90 percent of the vote. He later claimed that the newspaper misrepresented his words. Elections are a condition of democracy, and Putin has decided to hold them, but in theory he doesn’t even have to give up. Because it is clear that Putin will be elected,” Peskov corrected himself and disappeared on vacation for several weeks.

For the fifth year now, Putin will face candidates from three parliamentary parties: the Communists, the centrist New People’s Party and the far-right Liberal Democrats. The Pravedliv Rusko party, represented in the Duma, announced that it would not nominate its own candidate supporting the head of state.

In the last elections of 2018, Putin received an official 76.65 percent of the vote. f The Kremlin has been repeatedly suspected of electoral fraud to secure a comfortable victory. At the polling stations, information about fraud by the election commission regularly appears.

Someone serious and without energy

The Communist plans to nominate its 78-year-old leader, Gennady Zyuganov, as soon as the Kremlin comes to power. Except for my ossified electorate, I didn’t see another election day, Mm. Medusa. Zyuganov ran in 2008 and 2012 with 17 and 18 percent. Such prescriptive power will prevail in the elections, a source in Putin’s United Russia party told the portal.

It seems that the Kremlin was not going to repeat the mistake of 2018, when it accepted the communist Pavel Grudinin into its ranks, his preferences began to grow before the elections, and Putin had to look for a campaign in this regard. a hunter like Zyuganov won’t be a problem, the source added.

The liberal democrat, in particular, will elect Leonid Slutsky from the 5th century as chairman and head of the Duma Committee on International Affairs. I have nothing against this candidacy because she wants publicity, a source in the Russian government told Meduza. The answer to the Kremlin’s political strategy is that he is a figure in a suit, who cannot be called just a figure, but his personal rating is low, he said.

New Peoples can be a problem. According to another source, the Kremlin would like their leader Alexei Naev to run. It’s the same logic as in Sluck’s ppad. Serize him in a suit with decor. However, he lacks charisma, so he does not threaten Putin’s preferences, the source added.

But Naev does not want to and offers to nominate Vladislav Davankov, the mayor of the Duma, who is now running for mayor of Moscow. But it sucks. Davankov is nineteen years old, he is full of energy, loves to be photographed at sports and charity events, knows how to speak in public.

The main problem is his age. Of course, a large percentage won’t lose, but it could lead to voters getting confused about the president’s age. That would not be a flattering contrast for Putin, the Kremlin source said, adding that residents may still be wondering if the time has come for someone young to come to power.

Citizens can also try to run for the presidency of Russia, but unlike deputies, they must meet a number of requirements. Among other things, I must not have a foreign national religion or have the right to permanently reside in a foreign country, not only during elections, but at any time before them. The candidate must be at least fifty years old and have no criminal record at the time of voting. Even at the end of the year, it is bad for the election commission if it is too late.

Interest in the clan was expressed by the captain of the Russian fleet Ivan Otrakovsky or the demographer and anti-shackle Ustin Chaikhin.

On March 17, presidential elections will be held in Russia. If the candidates do not get more than half of the votes in the first round, the second round will take place on April 7. The inauguration took place in May.

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