The KPU receives an unconditional conclusion from the BOD, which overpaid for a business trip


The Supreme Audit Office (BPK) of the Republic of Indonesia stated that KPU’s 2022 financial statements were unqualified (WTP). This was announced by a member of the BPC I Nyoman Adkhi Suryadnyan in his speech at the office of the Communist Party.

“The results of the audit of our financial statements for 2022 by the Supreme Audit Office of Indonesia did not reveal any material issues affecting the reliability of the financial statements. In our opinion, the KPU financial statements for 2022 are presented fairly,” Nyoman said in a speech at the KPU office in Central Jakarta on Thursday (03/08/2023).

“Therefore, the opinion given on the KPU 2022 financial report is an unqualified opinion,” said Nyoman, who was enthusiastically welcomed by members of the Indonesian KPU.

However, Nioman did not deny that small readings in the internal control system were discovered in the process. He explained that there are still shortcomings on the part of the KPU regarding the purchase of goods and services that do not correspond to the cost of payment.

“While WTP, ladies and gentlemen, we at BPK have identified some shortcomings and errors that still occur, including those related to transaction control and expense reporting, which are not entirely adequate,” Nioman said.

“As a result, the potential results of the work on the procurement of goods and services do not correspond to the amount of payments and expenses and cannot be considered to have taken place,” Nyoman said.

He said there are indications that the reporting of spending on goods is not valid. First, the impact was an overpayment of IDR 830 million in goods costs.

The second finding is that the payment of official travel expenses through the Treasurer’s direct expenditure mechanism is inconsistent. This resulted in an overpayment of IDR 2.03 billion in official travel expenses.

“The overpayment on the cost of goods is 0.83 billion rupees. The overpayment for official travel goods is Rs 2.03 billion,” Nyoman said.

However, Nyoman said the CPU had verified the findings by making a deposit to the state treasury.

“Most of these errors were also analyzed and eliminated by the KPU and its employees. It is hoped that every rupee of public money can benefit the community so that it is ready for the 2024 elections,” he added.

When asked about a separate confirmation, the chairman of the KPU, Hasim Asyari, said that the overpayment discovered by the BPC was returned to the state. Hasim thanked BPK for providing WTP.

“Returned to the state treasury. Who knows the inspector, the situation is not only in the central KPU,” Khasym said.


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