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For what reason Monica Naranjo let “The island of temptations“? The Spanish singer is remembered for the first season of the Telecinco reality show that won all the applause and the preference of the public. The host, however, was only there during season 1, which surprised everyone and left the great unknown of the cause of her departure. Now, the artist is in charge of another program, “Amor con bail”, a Netflix series that also deals with couples and broken hearts in Spain.

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Orange tree just premiered his new show on Thursday, November 11 at the streaming giant. The also producer has told, in an interview with watch TV, that you feel comfortable in your space for all the facilities that have been provided.

“Love with surety contributes many things. Especially since the contestants have never set foot on a set, much less a reality show. It is nice to see you arrive at a wonderful villa and that everything surprises you. They look like children in a toy store ”, counted Monica.

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He added that, now, he has “White card“To do the reality and that, as soon as the project was offered to her, she accepted without thinking. “It was an adventure that I had to live”, he explained to the aforementioned portal. He said that the highlight of “Love with surety” is he “eye detect“, the detector of lies that she always hits and that she has used: “It’s a terrifying experience, because it hunts everything”.

Mónica Naranjo separated from her husband Óscar Tarruella in 2018. (Photo: Mónica Naranjo / Instagram)
Mónica Naranjo separated from her husband Óscar Tarruella in 2018. (Photo: Mónica Naranjo / Instagram)


Monica Naranjo presented the first season of “The island of temptations”, The popular reality show of Telecinco, but decided to step aside after finishing the first series of chapters because he felt the next installment wouldn’t be as fresh.

“My moment ended, and I left first because I felt that the following editions were not going to elicit that freshness, that innocence and those moments that we saw of a heartbroken person running around an island. And then also because of the economic issue, of course “, detailed to seeTele.

He stated that he was inclined towards this decision “from the calm” So what “it was well taken”. “I decided not to continue because I, even with music, never do the same jobs. I am always changing and evolving because it is a way to grow“Added the artist.

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According to the program page, the season 1 consisted of “Five couples who live a critical moment in their relationship seek the answer to the great question: Are they made for each other? The participants will live separately, but they will not be alone. They will live with ten single men and ten single women who want to find love. When this experience is over, they will have to decide how they want to go home: with their partner, alone or with their new love.”.

Along the reality, each participant is continuously tested. Of course, in addition to resisting tempters charms and tempting With those they live with, they must trust their partners, especially after watching real or manipulated videos of them.

The participants were distributed among Beach Villa and Mountain Villa, two luxurious and spacious villas, of more than 1,000 square meters and with all possible comforts, located in a spectacular location in Dominican Republic.


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