The International Institute of Metabolic Medicine in Tijuana and the University of California at San Diego sign an unprecedented alliance

The agreement focuses on quality patient care, research and education. In addition, the IIMM will host the Center for the Future of Surgery, the only one outside the United States.

TIJUANAMexico, June 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The International Institute for Metabolic Medicine (IIMM), located in TijuanaMexico, has the honor to report the signing of a binational agreement with the Department of Surgery of the University of California in San Diego (UCSD). This alliance for teaching, consultation and second opinion purposes unites the efforts of two powerful surgical centers in the area of ​​metabolic medicine and bariatric surgery.

This collaboration opens the doors to cross-border health services and to build a network of health providers in Mexico.

In addition, IIMM will house the UCSD Center for the Future of Surgery (CFS), the only one located outside the United States. Thanks to education, research and innovation, Tijuana It will be a medical reference in Latin America.

IIMM and UCSD share an enviable global reputation for high quality, cost-effectiveness, personalized patient care, and world-class surgical education. It stands out in this academic collaboration that both centers have an enviable record of education and training for medical surgeons through the Center for the Future of Surgery located at UCSD, and the International Bariatric Club in Digital Education and Communications, whose headquarters are also located in the IIMM.

The doctor brian cleryChief of Surgery at UCSD:

“Today we celebrate the fundamental and aspirational idea that cross-border collaborations can not only happen, but deliver significant benefits to patients throughout our great geographic region. The economics of health care in tune with the shared heritage of our two great nations is such that cooperation in matters related to the health of our patients is increasingly important and desirable.”

The doctor James Horgan is Professor of Surgery at UCSD, Chief of Minimally Invasive Surgery and Bariatric Surgery, Director of the Metabolic Bariatric Institute, and Director from the center for the Future of Surgery, highlights that at the Center for the Future of Surgery, surgeons and scientists innovate surgical techniques through research, education, and teaching of procedures that revolutionize medicine:

“We opened in 2011 and have trained more than 30,000 people, including residents, medical students, surgeons, nurses, and partners from the medical industry, making CFS one of the largest and most inclusive surgical simulation centers in the world.”

For his part, Dr. Ariel Ortiz, Medical Director and Founder of the IIMM has more than 30 years of experience as a main surgeon and founder of the Obesity Control Center underlines: “I am very proud of this collaboration. The globalization of health care is more evident than ever in this region, and this unprecedented alliance focuses on patient care. This care is essential and is not currently present in the global model of medical tourism. We have a facility that redefines the phrase ‘state of the art’. Hundreds of monthly procedures including weight loss surgeries and plastic surgery are performed at this location. In 26 years, almost 26 thousand successful procedures have been carried out without mortality and we have multiple quality certifications, making the IIMM a logical choice for health tourists”.


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One of the IIMM operating rooms.

The IIMM has the approval of the International Joint Commission on Quality.

The IIMM has its own television studio.  About 16 thousand people on average connect to their webinars.

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