The influencer who tattooed “Messi” on his forehead regrets it and reveals how his life has taken a negative turn


There were several fans who after the title of Argentina in it Qatar World Cup 2022 decided to get a tattoo and in most cases it was in honor of Lionel Messi.

One of those who went viral was the Colombian influencer Maicol Quiñonez, better known as Mike Jambs. And it is that the coffee grower decided to put the name of “Messi” on his forehead, in addition to three stars on one cheek and the word God on the other. Today she feels bad for having done it.

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“I did not think to say this so soon because the truth is that I felt very proud in the first days of what I had done and what I had achieved, but I must confess that I am sorry, I am sorry I got the tattoo of having done that,” said the Colombian.

“Instead of bringing me positive things, I have had thousands of negative things, both personally and in the family. They simply say that I am not a positive example for society, that I am not a positive example for humanity, that I am not a positive example for children and youth,” Mike explained.

The influencers He confessed that several of his friends and acquaintances told him not to get that tattoo because sooner or later he was going to regret it.

“Many people told me ‘you’re going to regret the tattoo you got and you’re going to want to remove it.’ I was happy the first few days, but I have to agree with all the people today, ”she revealed.

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Mike now asks for help to be able to remove that tremendous tattoo which was done in honor of Messi for winning the World Cup.

“I need the help of someone who knows how to order the tattoo, how to remove it. Yes or yes I need to delete the tattoo ”, she finished.

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