The incredible physical change of the actress Sandra Oh after leaving Grey’s Anatomy

Even though it’s been almost seven years since Sandra Oh left the series, there are some Grey’s Anatomy fans who are still wondering why the actress decided to leave the ABC drama in the first place. But what surprises fans the most is the physical change of the actress over the years.

Grey’s Anatomy has seen many cast members come and go throughout its 17 seasons, but few of those matches have felt as impactful as Dr. Cristina Yang’s, played to perfection by Sandra Oh. The actress was one of the original cast members of Grey’s Anatomy, but her departure caused quite a stir.

He appeared in the 2005 pilot and almost every episode after that before his departure. Throughout her time on the series, she received well-deserved acclaim and recognition for her portrayal of Yang, and her character’s bond with Meredith Gray from ellen pompeo it emerged as one of the central relationships of the series.

Sandra Oh was one of the few original cast members of Grey’s Anatomy that she was still starring in the series when she left it at the end of season 10. It wasn’t an easy decision for Oh to leave the show either. In one of the many interviews that she gave after her departure, the actress explained her reason for leaving and she was really blunt in the reasons.

“Creatively I feel like I gave it my all and was ready to let her go.”

The actress went on to explain that she felt the time was right for both her and the character to leave the series, noting that “it’s a very interesting thing to play a character for so long and feel like it’s a great ending to the story.” ”. Although many fans disagree, the search for new horizons was predictable.

This is how Sandra Oh currently looks completely removed from Grey’s Anatomy and with new horizons

Yes ok Sandra Oh’s absence from Grey’s Anatomy continues to be felt, the actress has maintained an exciting and successful career in the years since her departure from the medical drama. She won awards and critical acclaim for her lead performance in the acclaimed TV spy thriller Killing Eve, and most recently provided the voice of a character in Disney’s “Raya and the Last Dragon.” She is also among the main voice cast in the new, Amazon’s hit animated superhero series, Invincible and some new projects that she is leading with Netflix.

Although his success after Grey’s Anatomy probably won’t ease the lingering pain of his departure for longtime fans, it’s nice to know he still has a lot left in the creative tank.

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