The incredible physical change of Kate del Castillo for Season 3 of La Reina del Sur

The Queen of the South premiered its season 3 on Netflix last month and the leading actress, Kate del Castillo, appeared with an incredible change in her character that shocked fans who follow her with the story of Teresa Mendoza in the series.

The Queen of the South is back with its third season on Netflix. The story narrates the life of Teresa Mendoza, a woman who builds a drug empire in Spain and who earns a reputation on the European continent, which leads her to be targeted by the main cartels and of course by the security forces.

The long-awaited season 3 of La Reina del Sur, based on the best-seller by Arturo Pérez-Reverte has finally arrived, with actress Kate del Castillo returning as Teresa Mendoza. When it first aired on Telemundo in 2011, the show was a hit. Despite that, it took eight years for the second installment and now in 2022 the third part has arrived and the fans do not stop being surprised with the shocking story.

But what most caught the attention of the fans was the change in the leading actress. According to Kate del Castillo, preparing for season 3 represented a challenge because it involved a physical and mental transformation that would lead her to best interpret a woman who is not only far from her daughter but has been in jail.

That reveal is actually a major first spoiler that should prepare viewers for what they will see in La Reina del Sur. About that plot Kate Del Castillo revealed that in order to truly embody someone who is in prison, she had to transform her body and image to resemble someone living in brutal conditions..

Kate del Castillo appeared in the new season of La Reina del Sur with an impressive change in her face

The before and after of Kate del Castillo in La Reina del Sur as Teresa Mendoza

In this sense, he explained that he lost weight and underwent a strict diet and training regimen. According to the actress, neither the showrunner nor the director of La Reina del Sur asked her to lose so much weight. It was just something she wanted to do.

However, she confessed that it has always been very difficult for her to keep her muscles at that level of toning. Despite this, and since he knows Teresa, he knew that a four-year confinement would lead the character of La Reina del Sur to train, not gain weight. Especially with her intentions to seek justice.

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