The impudent thief was waiting for the woman to carry away the shopping cart. Then he stole her car

The man was waiting for his victim on Monday, August 28, until 11 a.m. in front of Kaufland in Česká Lipa.

Video captured by a security camera shows a woman in orange Bermuda shorts loading groceries into the trunk of a dark Ford. Meanwhile, a black-haired man in a black-and-yellow hoodie watches her cautiously as she stands in front of the car.

As the woman loads her purchases, she slams the fifth door and leaves with the cart to a nearby barn. At that moment, the man sneaks up to the right rear door, grabs a small object and leaves.

Now the police are looking for the thief and asking for help. “Does anyone know a person who patiently waited for an opportunity and took what did not belong to him?” the Česká Lipa municipal police urged in a released video.

“At the moment, we cannot disclose what the man took from the car and what possible punishment he faces for this,” adds Eva Vlastnikova, a police spokeswoman for Cheskolip. However, he believes that the culprit will be caught.

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