The high-end motorcycles that are stolen in the Conurbano are displayed as trophies on the networks and then burned


In the context of increased insecurity, especially in the Conurbano, Between January and September of this year, 18,938 motorcycles were already stolen in the Province of Buenos Airesaccording to official data provided to Infobae by the Buenos Aires Ministry of Security. And although from this portfolio they assured that this crime “has been going down since 2019”, the projection for 2022 shows a total of 25,310 robberiesan amount similar to that of last year, when 25,371 were registered, according to data provided by the Ministry in charge of sergio berni. These numbers are equal to 70 motorcycles stolen on average per day in the Province.

This criminal modality is accompanied by a phenomenon that has increased in recent times: the theft of high-end motorcycles to display them as a “trophy” on social networks. The objective is “boast” with high-value shots, unattainable for criminals, and “win hierarchy” in the world of crime. In many cases, then the assailants burn them due to the impossibility of continuing to use them without risking getting caught, as this video you accessed shows Infobae.

The target is bikes like the BMW 1,200-cylinder GS model driven by the businessman Andrew Blaquier when he was killed last Saturday while driving on the Panamericana, valued at about USD 45,000. The one designated as the alleged murderer of him, Luciano Jesus Gonzalez18, shot him in the chest after chasing him on another motorcycle driven by a young woman identified by the authorities as Villarreal Breeze.

Also searched for Triumph waves Ducati, with a market value ranging from USD 20,000 to USD 60,000. To access them, criminals resort to increasingly violent methods. “They shoot you in the legs. They are hunting us”he told Infobae Stephen Grimaltwho on his channel Youtube (EGvideos) denounces the situation that motorcyclists are experiencing, and collects testimonies from victims of theft of their vehicles.

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Grimalt highlighted the increase in violence around assaults on motorcyclists, which occurs mainly in highways and accesses in Greater Buenos Aires. “Due to the increase in robberies, many motorcyclists are going out armed and the thieves are increasingly aggressive, they want to anticipate the shot, before they eat it. They get up to you and throw you at your legs so that you stop or fall, and have time to grab the bike and escape. It is as if they went hunting, and then took a photo with the prey and showed it on social networks.”.


Another user and lover of motorcycles who comes out in groups of “shooting”, Alexander Spoltore, confirmed this increase in the assaults to keep the vehicles: “Those who walk through the Panamericana with a high-displacement motorcycle know that they have the ticket chopped. And on the Ezeiza-Cañuelas highway, they come out to rob you with your face uncovered in broad daylight, with shots in between.”

High-end motorcycles are impossible to sell on the illegal market as they do not have papers, and unlike what happens with the theft of medium and small motorcycles, which feed the black market for auto parts, most of the high-capacity motorcycles do not have that destination. . “A user of a motorcycle worth USD 45,000 is not going to go to Marketplace (a platform for the sale of online items from Facebook), where a large number of stolen things are sold. At best, if they don’t get an imported part, they have it brought in from abroad because they have the resources,” Grimlat said.

What are they for? In addition to displaying them as “trophy”, criminals use them to run choppedand, in many cases, then they set them on fire, because they can not continue using them to be striking. “Another part is painted and sent to the interior of the country with false patent, and a smaller part goes to Paraguay”, detailed Spoltore, who in turn is an insurance operator and knows the car and motorcycle market well.

Because they can't keep them for long, criminals burn many of the stolen high-end motorcycles
Because they can’t keep them for long, criminals burn many of the stolen high-end motorcycles

“No man’s land”

Motorcycle users consulted by this means agreed that this phenomenon comes from the “lack of police at the accesses of the Province”, even in the busiest, which became “no man’s land”, “Today, after what happened with Blaquier, the highways are full of police and the criminals are guarded. But there had to be a murder. If there is no real plan of action from now on, in 10 days they will return”, lamented Grimlat.

For this reason, different groups of self-summoned motorcyclists they will perform tomorrow Saturday a protest in front of the Faculty of Law of the UBA, from 11 in the morning, in the Recoleta neighborhood. “The call was spontaneous between groups and clubs of each motorcycle brand, and it is against the insecurity of motorcyclists. It will not be filmed so as not to hinder the streets of the City”, Spoltore told Infobaewho will participate and announced that the protest will have a large turnout.

Grimalt, one of the organizers, explained: “We are doing the march as a four-item petition. we are claiming greater prevention, because it is one of the most important factors. We need much more police presence, motorcycles patrolling the accesses, the exits of the City, security rings and police guarantees by the government authorities”. They will also claimsecurity to be able to circulate“on their bikes”they are killing us all”, he warned.

The call for the march tomorrow, Saturday, at 11, at the Faculty of Law
The call for the march tomorrow, Saturday, at 11, at the Faculty of Law

And we ask Justice to imprison criminals and motochorros, and exemplary convictions that are actually fulfilled. That the police capture these people and that the guaranteeing justice not let them go free because they consider that the crime is a cover-up, and not theft”, added this motorcycle expert, who works as an employee of a company and is one of those who has been working for make visible the situation of insecurity they are going through.

The choice of the Faculty of Law for the protest was not accidental. “Justice is very responsible for what is happening, if not the main responsible, because it would have to act ex officio and send the orders it needs to the police to carry out the raids, arrests and closures of groups in the networks where they are sold. Stolen motorcycles and auto parts,” he claimed.

For Grimalt, the increase in assaults on motorcyclists is only explained by “the impunity that surrounds this type of crime”, especially when there is not a victim who loses his life or is badly injured. “When the one who steals small motorcycles realizes that nothing happens to him and he has no penalty, he goes for high-end motorcycles.” And he explained that when the police stop someone with a stolen motorcycle, the legal figure applied by the Justice is that of cover-up of another crime (the robbery) whose author is unknown, or it cannot be proven that he was the one who handled it. “If they catch him with a motorcycle without documentation, or with an arrest warrant, they make a case for concealment and after two hours he is free. They take the motorcycle away from him, but the jet goes out later to look for another one, if he already knows that nothing is going to happen to him. A vicious circle is developing,” he noted.

From the portfolio in charge of Berni – who after Blaquier’s murder, also targeted the judges for not arresting or keeping criminals imprisoned -, however, assured that there was “a drop” in the episodes of insecurity: “In general, According to the analysis of the Attorney General (of the Province of Buenos Aires) and the data they manage and make public, the majority of crimes decreased. They are still many, but in percentages and quantities they decreased”, they pointed out. Tomorrow’s march will probably have Berni as one of the recipients of the requests, but he will find him far from the place of the claim.

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