The healthy and delicious dish that is Gal Gadot’s favorite

The actress and model Gal Gadot is recognized, in addition to her performance as Wonder Woman in the DC Extended Universe, for her love of healthy food and healthy living. For this reason, her social networks are full of recipes and advice in this regard for her followers.

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In addition to acting and some philanthropic work, the Israeli actress and model Gal Gadot, has stood out for being one of the most active promoters of healthy life and habits through its social networks. How could it be otherwise, the culinary aspect has also been addressed by the beautiful actress.

This is the healthy Israeli dish of Arab origin, which Gal Gadot loves.

Being consistent with her healthy practices, the actress has disclosed that one of her favorite dishes is not only from her land, but is also very healthy and helps her stay in shape for her demanding work in front of the cameras or as a model.

Its about Shakshukaa dish of Arab origin that was taken over by the Israeli culture when it came to the Palestinian lands from many other countries. Gal Gadot has said that the Shakshuka It is one of his favorite dishes, because it is healthy and delicious.

Shakshuka means “mixture” in Arabic, and in reality the dish is a mixture of different ingredients, which results in a tasty and nutritious dish. favorite israeli food Gal Gadot It has stewed tomatoes, eggs, onion, garlic and many spices, as is usual in that region.

Gal Gadot stays healthy and beautiful by consuming dishes like this one.

The good thing is that to consume it, you do not need any type of limitations, since, due to its condition, it can be used as food for any time and occasion. Gal Gadot He prefers it for dinner, just when he should eat something light and packed with vitamins.

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