The harsh childhood of Drew Barrymore: “Alcohol was fine, but not sugar”

drew Barrymore He has previously confessed how addictions changed his life from a very young age. From alcohol to marijuana or cocaine, the actress tried various substances that led her to entering a detox clinic alone at the age of 13. A chapter of his life that he has wanted to talk about again in his podcast ‘Drew’s News’, where he talks with his friend Rob Lowe.

A talk where Barrymore has recounted that, Despite the fact that drugs did have a place in his diet, his parents became very strict with another product such as sugarand it is that after achieving fame with films like ‘ET The extraterrestrial’, these they didn’t want me to gain weight so that it would be attractive in the eyes of an industry like Hollywood.

Sugar, the only prohibition of Drew Barrymore’s parents

Lowe, for his part, who has two children, has been very critical of the dangerous position of some parents with the consumption of sugar by their children: “I have always known that there are problems when a child comes to me and says: ‘My parents they don’t let me have sugar’. It’s just that I know I’m going to find that kid almost inhaling sugar. As simple as that. You have to keep an eye on that child who tells you that his parents don’t let him eat sugar. Watch him.”

An opinion that Drew Barrymore has supported, also commenting on the situation she experienced, and bringing to light how hard her childhood was. “Totally agree. My mother wouldn’t let me eat sugar. Studio 54 [la conocida discoteca de Nueva York a la que iba de niña]weed and alcohol seemed fine to them, but they wouldn’t even let me touch the sugar. But I did, I ate the chocolate secretly, in the cupboard”, she replied.

All the other habits I could do on sight, but sugar was something I could only do in the cupboard”, he added, revealing the surreal situation he experienced. Regarding his mother, Jay Barrymoreassures that “he has lived with a lot of guilt for years, because he had created a monster, but then I get the feeling that he has also lived with a lot of pain because I have not spoken to him for a long period of time either.”

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