The harassment of a reporter in full live broadcast that outrages Italy

Rome. An Italian reporter for the local television Tuscany TV was harassed and even received a slap on the buttocks in full direct at the end of the football match that pitted Empoli against Fiorentina last night, which sparked outrage and condemnation today.

The reporter, Greta Beccaglia, was interviewing some fans at the door of the stadium after the Tuscan derby, which ended 2-1 for Empoli, when some men started yelling at her, passing very close to her and one even gave her a touch with your hand on the butt.

At that moment, she says to that subject “you can’t do that, I’m sorry” while the presenter, Giorgio Micheletti, from the set, encouraged her to continue with the connection: “Don’t be angry, you also grow with these experiences,” she says. .

At the end of the connection, the presenter condemns the conduct of the “tifosi”: “Some behaviors deserve a healthy smack, which if it had been given as a child would have allowed them to grow,” he says.

The reporter has narrated her experience through her Instagram profile and has asked her almost 19,000 followers for help to identify the man who touched her.

“It is unacceptable,” he considered, and later exonerated the vast majority of Fiorentina supporters.

The events, quickly viralized on social networks, have been condemned by professional unions such as the RAI Union, the Tuscan Press Association or the National Federation of the Italian Press (FNSI), among other organizations.

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