The GPU of the Apple M1 Max manages to beat the AMD Radeon Pro W6900X valued at € 6,900

The Apple M1 Max continues to talk, although this time in the graphic section despite the integration of 32 cores. Although the leaks anticipated that it would be capable of competing with an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070 laptop, finally the performance can be equaled, but of course, at a professional level, it has already been revealed that it is even capable of outperforming an AMD Radeon Pro W6900X sold for 6,900 euros, and that is exclusive to Mac Pro desktops.

To be exact, this happened in the photo editing software benchmark Affinity, where the GPU of the Apple M1 Max managed to reach the 32,891 points under the Metal API, while all other things being equal (same OS, software version and API) the AMD Radeon Pro W6900X was content with 32,580 points.

Although it wins by little, we are talking about that the Apple SoC, with the CPU + GPU at full capacity, has a consumption around the 70W, while AMD’s dedicated GPU, at Base frequencies, consumes 300W power to power your 5120 Stream Processors, not to mention the heat it generates, or that requires four PCI slots, so it occupies a considerable size within the system, and the additional consumption of a CPU together with its cooling system, which also increases the manufacturing price.

AMD Radeon Pro W6900X
AMD Radeon Pro W6900X

The Apple M1 Max is the company’s first step into high-performance hardware, remembering that Apple already prepares a super vitamin version which will multiply the number of CPU and GPU cores by FOUR which, together with a manufacturing process of 3nm from TSMC, wants to finish showing that the decision to produce its own chips has been one of the best moves in its history, and that is why Google, Microsoft, Samsung, and more companies, intend to follow in its footsteps, or at least try.

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