The gifts that the magic of Christmas can give to Mexican soccer

We present you the gifts that Mexican soccer teams long to find under their Christmas tree

After dinner and Christmas toasts, teams from the MX League and the Mexican team They are very clear about the gifts they wish to receive, which will help them face the 2023.

Cruz Azul, America, the Mexican National Team, Chivasamong others, expect a birthday present for Christmas, from knowing in which stadium they will play from the next tournament to a bomb booster. Christmas could surprise more than one person, especially in Guadalajara lands, where they are already waiting for the gift.

then in ESPN We present you the most desired Christmas gifts for Mexican soccer.

Luis Suarez to Cruz Azul

Luis Suarez could be the bomb signing of the MX League and of the Blue Cross. The Uruguayan for days has had the formal proposal of the Celestial Machine and in Mexico await a response from the former player Barcelona.

For now, the forward is in the house of Lionel Messispending the December holidays, to later choose whether to go to Mexico or play in Brazilbecause he also has an offer from a club in that country.

Chivas and the incorporation of Víctor ‘Pocho’ Guzmán

Victor Guzman will be the gift of Christmas from Chivas. The rojiblancos and the Pachuca They have been negotiating for days the transfer of one of the best midfielders in the MX League.

The midfielder has been the wish of the rojiblanca fans for years, although adverse analysis and his high price have meant that the player cannot play with the rojiblancos.

Now, the wish could come true.

América, Cruz Azul and the certainty about their stadium for the first semester

America Y Blue Cross They still do not define when they will make the move or in which stadium they will play once the renovations of the stadium begin. Aztec stadiumfacing the World Cup 2026.

Initially, all the works were scheduled to begin at the beginning of 2023, but due to an economic restructuring, it was rescheduled in the middle of next year.

Blue Cross Y America they do not know in which stadium they will play the next tournament.

Tigres and Monterrey, receive results according to their investments

tigers Y Monterey They are the teams that have invested the most in recent years, in the purchase of players to strengthen their teams. Even so, the results have not always accompanied them and they hope that with Diego Cocca Y Victor Manuel VucetichMay you have a good year. It is your awaited gift of Christmas.

Pumas, recover the best version of Dani Alves

Daniel Alves made a big impact when he got to play the MX Leaguewith the cougarsalthough the side’s performance was not consistent with his record as a footballer, in teams like the psg or the Barcelona.

the gift of Christmas What are they waiting for? cougars is for the Brazilian to recover one of his best versions to help fight for the championship, under the command of Rafael Puente Jr.

Export of players like César Montes, Alexis Vega, Luis Chávez and youth

In the list of rumors, which associate Mexicans with a team from Europe, are Cesar Montes, Alexis Vega Y Luis Chavezalthough his departure has not been possible and is expected to be a gift from Christmas its possible transfer.

The most viable situation is Cesar Monteswhich has been negotiating for weeks with the Spanish of Barcelona, ​​while in Pachuca They expect an offer according to the level that it presumes Luis Chavez Y Alexis Vega has not had a serious proposal to leave the Chivas.

May the Mexican National Team find its ideal coach for the World Cup at home

The names of trainers like Miguel Herrera, Roberto Martinez and dozens more have been linked to the Mexican teamafter the departure of Gerardo “Tata” Martino.

Mexico he was left without a coach at the end of the match against Saudi Arabiain which the Aztec team was eliminated in the group stage of Qatar 2022. Martino left his position and now the ideal coach is being sought, it is expected that he will arrive as a gift from Christmas.

The chosen one will be in charge of directing Mexico to a World Cup in which he is the host.

Rivals that make the Mexican National Team grow towards the World Cup at home

The desire of all the years, but that seems not to arrive in Christmasthe thing is Mexico finally have high-level rivals during the preparation for the World Cup, now North America 2026.

A Mexico, not having a tie, it could be that the much-desired gift arrives. The doors of South America, Asia, Africa have been opened to him, although in the Mexican Soccer Federation there are still no indications about what direction they are going to take.

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