The Game Awards ‘deletes’ the intruder who sneaked into the gala and the networks react with humor

One of the great moments that the last gala of The Game Awards 2022 was when about to finish, with the FromSoftware team collecting the award for the best game of the year for Elden Ring, an individual sneaked onto the stage to say a strange phrase about Bill Clinton into the microphone. This scene baffled all of us (especially those of us who were watching it from Spain at around 5:30 a.m.), and although we took it with humor, it seems that the organizers of the event were not so amused and even assured that this person she had been arrested.

Now that a few weeks have passed since the gala, The official account of The Game Awards has published an image remembering the moment in which Hidetaka Miyazaki collected the award. But there is a notable change: the figure of the intruder has been erased in a very unsubtle wayso much so that it can even continue to be distinguished between the two developers.

The jokes about the retouching of The Game Awards

Obviously, users of social networks have not been able to contain themselves and They have reacted to this image with a lot of humor. The answers and comments of this tweet they make it clear that the photomontage is noticeable, and a lot; some even give examples that a few minutes before that frame there were shots where the intruder did not appear, so retouching would not have been necessary.

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