The foods that Dakota Johnson had to say goodbye to to be able to enter “50 Shades of Grey”

The American actress has followed an organic, healthy and ecological diet for many years, which has allowed her to maintain a very stable weight. However, within this food item there was something that was slowing down her process and that she had to eliminate.

One of the most important characters he has had to play dakota johnson In his professional life, he has been the protégé of the sequel to the books “50 Shades of Grey”, in which he gave life to Anastasia Steele, a woman who showed his face to the world and allowed him to achieve high levels of fame.

The film is a series adaptation of a trilogy of books by the same name written by British writer Erika Leonard Mitchell, better known by the pen name EL James, which tells the story of a young student, who plays dakota johnsonwho falls for a millionaire with some weird and quirky sexual tastes.

For that same youth that described the character in the books, dakota johnson She had to make some changes in her life routines and especially in her diet, since the readers of “50 Shades of Gray” already had an image of the character, and she could not disappoint them in any way.

Though dakota johnson she has always been, and continues to be, a woman with an enviable body build, in which her thinness predominates, it was necessary for her to reaffirm some details, mainly in her abdomen and legs, so that she would be seen better in her nude scenes, so he had to eliminate all kinds of sweeteners from his diet.

Both the physical trainers of dakota johnson as his nutritionists recommended that he could not use any type of sweetener for his meals, neither natural nor processed, since this was one of the foods that subtracted from his body progress for the filming of the three films for which won at least a million dollars.

Dakota Johnson in one of her scenes from “50 Shades of Grey.” Photo: Espinof

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