The foods Julia Roberts had to forget about to stay in shape

With more than half a century of life completed, the emblematic actress Julia Roberts continues to be one of the female figures with the greatest reference and scope in today’s society, thanks to the methods she uses to feed herself, the Hollywood protagonist is very well maintained.

Julia Roberts She has just turned 55, but her body is like that of a teenager. To do this, the famous actress has had to leave behind some of her favorite foods and say goodbye to them forever, a sacrifice that is worth it for her, because her results are in sight.

Although the diets he applies Julia Roberts in her day to day they are not so restrictive, if there are foods that she has eliminated from her daily menu, since they cause side effects in her and that make it difficult for her to digest quickly and healthily, sometimes causing inflammation and retention of liquids.

This issue of fluid retention is often one of the factors that make women who are naturally thin look like they have a few extra kilos, such as Julia RobertsTherefore, each person must make a personal analysis of what are the foods that cause this type of alterations in their body, to eliminate them from their eating routine, and thus be able to always see themselves in shape.

In the case of Julia Robertsit is the foods that contain wheat, for the most part, that generate this type of problems and complications, for which the actress avoids consuming foods that come from this food category, such as bread, pasta, and almost any type of flours, especially those that are highly processed.

Other foods that Julia Roberts had to say goodbye are those that contain sugars, which not only affect how you look, but also your health. For this reason, for many years, the actress stopped consuming sweets, cakes, or any other type of food that contains processed sugar. She replaces them instead with natural sweeteners, sweeteners or honey, which are usually healthier. Or just eat everything naturally.

Julia Roberts is keeping up very well, since her youth. Photo: – PRO TV

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