The first sacrificed in Rayados after the shame in the League, would leave the club

The first that Monterrey would leave after the embarrassment in Liga MX.
The first that Monterrey would leave after the embarrassment in Liga MX.

Elimination already has its consequences. Rayados from Monterrey, Through their managers, they have already made decisions regarding the team and the failure that resulted this season, taking into account that they wanted to win the League, something that could not be done. This is how the decision was made from the dome to thank Vincent Janssen.

According to the report of North Sancadilla, the soccer player of the Netherlands He would be the first to be sacrificed, all due to injury problems, the high cost of his salary and the poor performance he had at Monterrey.

Janssen leaves the following numbers in his time at the Club, who has not yet informed him that his new destination would be the MLS: 10 games played in the current season. and a goal in 432 minutes of play. A footballer, on average, should have a thousand minutes of play, to consider it as a regular season.

Who would be the replacement for Vincent Janssen?

According to Sancadilla Norte, the negotiations are prosperous and everything indicates that Rodolfo Pizarro’s return would be on track. The idea is for Pizarro to return to Monterrey and join Janssen in the MLS, although not permanently at Inter Miami.

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