The first releases of Apple TV + in 2023


Apple’s streaming platform focuses on original content and does not usually bring a large number of releases per month, although it is quite interesting. Less known to the general public than other streaming services, we already know the premieres that we will see in the next two months. Among the titles that we will see are the fourth and final season of “Servant”, the new Bill Lawrence series or the movie “Tricksters” starring Julianne Moore.

Servant. Final season. Premiere on January 13

The epic conclusion to the acclaimed psychological thriller. Servant will return with its fourth and final season on Friday, January 13, 2023. Following the intriguing finale of season three, season four will bring the Turners’ story to an equal parts epic and emotional conclusion. Leanne’s war with the Church of Lesser Saints escalates, endangering Spruce Street, the city of Philadelphia, and beyond. Meanwhile, a shattered Turner family must not only face the growing threat of Leanne, but the fact that Dorothy is awakening. As the Turner house continues to fall apart, we’ll finally have answers: Who is Leanne Grayson? And who is the child that she dwells in her home?

“Truth be told”. Season 3. Premiere on January 20

Truth Be Told - Apple TV+
NAACP Image Award-Winning Series “Truth Be Told” Unveils First Look From Its Third Season, Starring Oscar Winner Octavia Spencer And Gabrielle Union

The third season of the NAACP Image Award-winning drama series Truth Be Told stars Oscar winner Octavia Spencer and features the new addition of award-winning actress Gabrielle Union. Based on the novel “While You Were Sleeping” by Kathleen Barber, Truth Be Told” offers a unique insight into America’s obsession with ‘true crime’ podcasts and challenges its viewers to consider the consequences of the pursuit of justice taking place on a public stage. In season three, Poppy (Spencer), frustrated by the lack of media attention to the disappearance of several young black women, teams up with an unorthodox school principal (Union) to make the names of the victims public, while searching for clues. which lead her to suspect that a sex trafficking ring may have kidnapped them.

“Therapy without filter”. Premiere on January 27

Unfiltered Therapy - Apple TV+
Apple has unveiled the first images of the new series, created by Segel and Emmy winners Bill Lawrence and Brett Goldstein.

no filter therapy is the new 10-episode comedy series for Apple TV+, starring Jason Segel and Harrison Ford. The series is written by the co-creator of ted lasso and Emmy Award winner Bill Lawrence, the actor and screenwriter of ted lasso Brett Goldstein and Segel himself. no filter therapy tells the story of a grieving therapist (played by Jason Segel) who begins to break the rules and tell his patients exactly what’s on his mind. Putting aside his education and his ethics, he soon finds himself making major changes in the lives of several people…including his own.

“Dear Edward.” Premiere on February 3

The series stars Emmy nominee Connie Britton, SAG Award winner Taylor Schilling and newcomer Colin O’Brien.

Adapted from Ann Napolitano’s acclaimed novel, Dear Edward is a heartbreaking story that celebrates life and talks about survival, resilience and connection, while asking what it is that makes us human. From Apple Studios, Dear Edward tells the story of Edward Adler (played by Colin O’Brien), a 12-year-old boy who becomes the sole survivor of a devastating plane crash in which he loses his entire family. As Edward and others around the world are affected by tragedy, they try to make sense of life after the accident: unexpected friendships, connections and romances will be formed.

“Tricksters”. Premiere on February 17

Sharper - AppleTV+
John Lithgow and Julianne Moore star in “Sharper”

Starring Julianne Moore, the original movie from Apple and A24 tricksters (“Sharper”) takes place in the most secretive places in New York, from the penthouses of Fifth Avenue to the darkest corners of Queens. The motivations are suspicious and the shots backfire in a world where nothing is as it seems.

“For a better tomorrow”. Premiere on February 17

For a Better Tomorrow - Apple TV+
Billy Crudup leads the cast of “For a better tomorrow”

Set in a retro-futuristic world, for a better tomorrow focuses on a group of door-to-door sellers who offer timeshare houses on the Moon. Billy Crudup stars as Jack, a talented and ambitious salesman whose unwavering belief in a brighter tomorrow inspires his co-workers and breathes life into his desperate customers, but who risks losing himself forever in the very dream that keeps him alive. standing. The cast starring in the series alongside Crudup include Haneefah Wood (“Truth Be Told”), Alison Pill (“The Newsroom”), Emmy Award winner Hank Azaria (“Ray Donovan”), Matthew Maher (“Our Flag Means Death”) and Oscar nominee Jacki Weaver (“The Bright Side of Things”).

“Liason”. Premiere on February 24

Vincent Cassel and Eva Green star in “Liason”

Liaison is a new six-episode thriller series starring César Award winner Vincent Cassel (“Black Swan”) and BAFTA winner Eva Green (“Penny Dreadful”), Apple’s first original series in English and French. Liaison is a fast-paced, contemporary thriller that explores how the mistakes we made in the past have the power to destroy our future. The series combines action with an unpredictable and multi-layered plot, in which espionage and political intrigue are intertwined with a story of love and passions.

“Eugene Levy, the anti-traveller”. Premiere on February 24

The eight-episode series follows Levy as he visits some of the world’s most beautiful and intriguing destinations in Costa Rica, Finland, Italy, Japan, the Maldives, Portugal, South Africa and the United States, staying in storied hotels and exploring the nooks and crannies the culture of each place. Levy himself acknowledges that he is not the typical travel show host: he does not consider himself an adventurer or a globetrotter. However, he believes that the time has come to expand his horizons. So Levy packs his bag with some trepidation, but with the hope that his experiences will start a whole new chapter of his life, even if it means facing some of his oldest fears, like eating dinner. after hours Join him and buckle up for this adventure full of revelations!

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