The fire engulfing Greece is the largest the EU has ever seen

“This fire is the largest in the EU since 2000, when the European Forest Fire Information System (Effis) started recording data,” the service said.

In addition, Greek firefighters warn that the fire in the Dadia National Park in the northeast of the country has not yet been brought under control.


Fires in Greece

The area near the Turkish border also remains critical, where the Czechs are also helping to put out fires. There, a ground team of Czech firefighters protects the escape route from fires. “The situation in Greece is still difficult and the fires are not fully under control,” Czech fire brigade spokeswoman Martina Getzova said.

It is also still burning near Athens, in the Parnita National Park or in central Greece. Due to forest fires, the European Union has an air fleet of 24 aircraft and four helicopters provided by EU member states. There are currently 11 machines operating in Greece, i.e. almost half of the EU park.

“They are good people,” one of the Greek police officers tells Czech firefighters.

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