The final of the International Qi Dance Competition M ALL STARS 2023 has come to a perfect conclusion. See you next year! – Chinese Entertainment Network

The 2023 M ALL STARS International Qi Dance Competition, exclusively sponsored by Power Train, ended on August 25 at the Penglai Gymnasium in Yantai, Shandong. M ALL STARS International Chi Dance Competition is a national hip hop competition initiated by renowned artist Zhang Yixing, National Hip Hop Dance Alliance CHUC as the governing body of the competition, sponsored by Shanghai Mowo Stars Culture and Art Co., Ltd. and general contractor CHUC Shanghai Street Dance Alliance. At the same time, FILA is the sports brand of this event, Dancer World-Dancer World is the exclusive collaborative dance platform, Sina Weibo is the exclusive social media collaboration platform, and Bilibili is the live content distribution collaboration platform, all of which have great support for this event.

A total of 18 provincial substations across the country are participating in the 2023M ALL STARS International Qi Dance Competition. After a fierce battle on the court and comprehensive evaluations of the judges, 58 youth teams, 28 adult teams and 9 CREW BATTLE teams reached the national final stage. At the same time, about 20,000 dancers participated in the offline competition, and 200 well-known dancers, hosts and DJs helped the competition. Sina Weibo has 1.08 billion views on contest-related topics, and Douyin’s videos have been viewed 140 million times. This event has become the most popular and influential street dance event in China.

On the day of the competition, in addition to the high-level Qi Wu competition, the event initiator Zhang Yixing, special guests of Zanduo, many popular hip-hop referees, the CREW BATTLE champion team, and chromosome trainee Fan Zimo staged a Cypher show for friendship and exchange in electric trains. Impromptu performance in the hip hop style made everyone feel the cool charm of hip hop.

Below is a list of the winners of this competition.

(Youth group)Champion: DONTSTOP Job: “DONTSTOP Youth League”

Second place: Work of the youth troupe TRIPLE-S: “Magic Boy”.

Runners-up: A11 Wang Zha Youth Troupe Work: “Broken”

(Adult group)Champion: KILLERS FAMILY Job: “Other”

Runner-up: Made in v Work: “Sa”

Third Runner-up: RMB team work: “THIS IS RMB”

Chinese Style Innovation and Fusion Award: Youth Group – Flight Mobilization (Team ZAHA X K8), “Ma Liang” work; adult group – Hubei United team, Manjianghong work.

Best dance Xiao Qi: Youth group – DB YOUNG LOCK, work “Tribute to MJ”, Adult group – Waist disk, work “Chasing the wind in the mountains, watching the sunset and dawn”

STAR team:

Youth Group – RAINBOW KIDZ, Lingjuli Soldier Youth League, Honma Powerkids, SKC Oozing, DB YOUNG LOCK;

Adult Group – Hubei United Lumbar Disc Massacre (S House)


Champion: CHUC Youth Hip-hop National Team Daguo Youth

Runner-up: Shanghai Gentleman

The final of the MALL STARS 2023 International Qi Dance Competition has come to a successful conclusion. I look forward to seeing even more outstanding dancers and teams take the MALLSTARS stage. I would like to thank all the participating teams, judges and staff, as well as the brand power train, FILA and Dancer World-Dancers World, thanks to the Yantai Municipal Party Committee and the municipal government, Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, Yantai Huangbohai New Area, Municipal Bureau culture and tourism, the Party Committee of the Penglai District and the District Government. and related departments for supporting the national final of the 2023 M ALL STARS International Qi Dance Competition. Great support! Full firepower, increased motivation, go to the heart, dance summer, see you next year!

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