The FFF has not yet made a decision to keep Sochaux in Ligue 2.

It’s a soap opera that never seems to end. This Thursday morning, the Executive Committee of the French Football Federation met to discuss, in addition to the case of Sedan, whose request to be reinstated at the National was denied, the situation of FC Sochaux, who was transferred to the National DNCG on July 11. address. The Franche-ComtĂ© club, backed by potential buyer Romain Peugeot, has been battling for its place in Ligue 2 in recent days before receiving a negative opinion from CNOSF on Tuesday.

One of the last hopes of the FCSM was that Comex gave him this Thursday morning the opportunity to return from the DNCG, because since July 11, Romain Peugeot and his partners have made a file to take over the club, which CNOSF refused to study earlier this week. But the governing body of the Federation decided this Thursday morning not to take up the matter on the grounds that Sochaux FC filed a summary appeal with the Paris Administrative Court on Wednesday evening to challenge the downgrading appeal decision by the DNCG, but also the negative CNOSF conclusion.

Administrative court decision expected within 48 hours

Thus, Comex members do not take responsibility for filing the downgrade of the FCSM, as well as its potential bankruptcy filing, and in some way allow the administrative court to make this decision. The latter will be called upon to make a decision quickly, if possible within 48 hours. But in a configuration unlikely at first glance, when the administrative court gives occasion to FC Sochaux, the latter could not calmly welcome Guingamp to the Bonal stadium on the occasion of the first day of L2 this Saturday.

Because in order to be restored in the second division, the FCSM must return to the DNCG again. Thus, two days before the start of Ligue 2, there is complete uncertainty regarding the final composition of the clubs that will make up this championship. Sochaux and, by extension, Annecy remain in complete uncertainty about their short-term future.

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