The FEF will present defenses to avoid sanctions for the FIFA file

Ecuadorian fans raised a flag in Doha one day after Ecuador’s debut in the Qatar 2022 World Cup. Photo: Diego Pallero/El Comercio

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The Ecuadorian Football Federation (FEF) He does not want sanctions, that is why he is preparing the defenses to face the opening of the file that FIFA opened for him. The entity began the process on November 22, during the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

Although they wanted to be 100% focused on soccer, the FEF directors were forced to carry out legal consultations and defense arguments, for avoid that he FIFA file become a sanction.

FIFA opened the file for alleged “insulting songs” made by the fans of the Ecuadorian National Team, on November 20, in the match between the Tri and Qatar.

That day, the fans shouted and asked for beer. Then they performed a chant against Chile, which could be considered homophobic. The federation of that country sought the elimination of Ecuador and the FEF from the World Cup in Qatar.

Call of the FEF to the fans

Michelle Deller, member of the FEF board, regretted what happened. The manager called on the fans to prevent this from happening again in the remaining games. The Ecuadorian team still has to face the Netherlands and Senegal.

“We have to control our emotions and support the National Team without attacking anyone. I know that there is immense discomfort because of what happened with the Byron (Castillo) issue, but now we must enjoy soccer, Ecuadorians are noble and good people,” the leader told Winner magazine.

He recalled that during the qualifiers, the FEF assumed the fines imposed for the use of drones and the entry of a fan onto the pitch. “That is going to cost Ecuadorian soccer an arm and a leg, we have to control our emotions,” he said.

How long should you wait to find out if there will be a penalty?

Times cannot be defined for sure. During the opening of files, the first step is to request the defenses of those involved, a matter that the FEF is already organizing.

As explained by the lawyer Mariela Díaz, FIFA must verify that the songs had a real impact. “Is it clearly identifiable who the alleged victims were? The statements of all those involved will have to be heard. Sorry for me, it’s a mockery,” she posted on her Twitter account.

Why was the file opened?

Although the reasons were not specified, FIFA relied on article 13 of its disciplinary regulations to open the file. The text can sanction for “offend the dignity or integrity of a countryof a person or a group with derogatory, discriminatory or insulting words”.

In the document, FIFA only says that it is due to the “insulting chants” of the fans of the Ecuadorian National Team, who attended the game on November 20, at the Al Bayt stadium.

Can Ecuador lose points if it is sanctioned?

The Ecuadorian team would not be penalized for this mishap. The regulation establishes that in these cases those who can be penalized are the federations or players and managers.

If it is a player or manager who issued offensive comments, the sanction would be a ten-game suspension. In cases such as those that occurred in the match between the Ecuadorian team and Qatar, the punishment is a fine of at least $21,000 and a match with partial closure of its stadium.

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