The famous actor of Mount Genulya got married: here are the photos from the wedding…

Nazli Pinar Kaya, Cemile from the TV series “Mount Genyul”, and her colleague Ismail Oral got married.

The witness at the wedding of Nazly Pinar Kaya was her partner in the TV series “Mount Genyul”, Ecem Ozkaya and Ismail Oral, actress Korkhan Kherduran.

The couple, who got engaged in May last year, got married in Buyukada. Among those who attended the wedding of the two young names were Ali Dusenkalkar, Hazal Çağlar, Gulcin Hatihan, Gulden Avsharoglu and Tugce Sarılmaz, who are managers and actors at the same time.

The beautiful actress, who shared a photo taken at the wedding on her Instagram account, said, “We’ll get married on Saturday.”

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