The family of Mayor Dordul is depicted in the painting along with Negoye Basarab and Constantin Brâncoveanu. “Feudal networks litter the country”

In the painting depicting the dynasty of feudal rulers of the Basarab family, the figure of the mayor of the SDP, Ion Dordul, appears next to the figure of his son, Ionuts Doldur, the owner of an illegal gas station, where strong explosions took place in Crevedia on Saturday. which includes Negoe Basarab and Constantin Bryncoveanu. The painting is located in a restaurant owned by the politician’s family in Caracal. At the same time, according to a document obtained by G4Media, Ion Dordulia is among the top seven donors to the PSD in the 2020 elections.

Christian Sitre, Digi24 journalist: The second male figure after Neago Basaraba is actually Neago Basaraba’s nephew and seems to have been drawn by Ionut Doldurea. To the left of Constantin Brancoveanu is Ion Doldurea, the uncle of Constantin Brancoveanu.

We see this need for historical legitimation. This is not the only time in Dambovitsa politics that local barons will be painted or depicted in statues. I don’t talk in church anymore. If they contributed a significant amount to the foundation of the church, then they are clearly painted there.

Mircea Cosma, a former SDP baron of Prahova, was greatly offended by the title of “baron”. He said he was a “count” because he identified a 13th-century pedigree, an earl title given to a certain Cosmas, who he said was his ancestor. The politician stated that he was a count because he was the chairman of the county council, and the word “count” comes from the “commitat” that the county would be called. The baron will only be the mayor in charge of the locality.

Cristian Pyrvulescu, political scientist: “These feudal networks are littering Romania. They are cross-party and have only one interest: to have access to public and private resources. That’s what’s happening here too. Legitimacy is also acquired historically.

Former president CJ Prachova told me in a discussion I had about 15 years ago in Brussels that he is a count, that he has an entry from the Hungarian list of counts, that he is a descendant of a count, so he assumes this identity because it allowed him to do better legitimize himself among his subjects. The same thing happens in Caracal and in many other places. I was joking when I called them barons, but they took their title of baron very seriously.

In fact, since there is no active political activity in small towns and the countryside, we have quasi-feudal forms of organization that persist over time and indeed create great problems for the state, since the modern state cannot function with tribal groups. who are simply trying to seize control of various resources.

We are talking about liquefied gas production enterprises that have generated tens of millions of lei in profits since Mr. Doldurea became the mayor of Caracal from 2020. Thus, after 3 years, we are talking not only about Crevedia, but also about 3 or 4 companies that do business in this area, which also have agreements with the state, that is, with local authorities, with mayors, who are not only PSD . I have looked at the list. I saw many NLP mayors also from Ilfov, Teleorman, Prahova, Calaras, Olt. This mechanism also works on the basis of legitimation.”

Ion Doldurea is one of the largest donors to the PSD

The mayor of Caracal stood out not only for his family’s multi-million dollar business, but also for his donations to political parties. In 2020, when he became mayor, he donated to the SDP in excess of the minimum limit set by the party, G4Media journalists write. Ion Doldurea transferred almost 29 thousand lei to the party’s account.

The name Doldurea appears among the only 7 members in the country of this formation who decided to help the SDP with larger amounts, being included in the reporting category “List of party members who paid contributions in 2020, the total value of which exceeds the scale of 10 gross minimum base amounts.” wages in the country. The document was signed by PSD President Marcel Colacu, G4Media reports.

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