The Fall 2022 Steam Sale is here, and we’ve rounded up the best deals for you

Saving at the end of November is almost true almost halfway with so much discount, but that the Black Friday period is combined with the steam sales is a winning and dangerous combination for those passionate about PC gaming. and find games like God of War or Age of Empires IV: Anniversary Edition discounted is an opportunity that cannot be missed.

Like every year, in LifeExtra We have brought together in one place a selection of games and discounts that should not be missed. The best of the best with discounts that make them even more essential. From action, adventure and sports games to those big little gems and virtual reality experiences. The day has come to give yourself that self-gift that you deserve.

The best games of 2022 for PC

Without further ado, here are fifty games on sale, some at almost laughable prices. Of course, we remind you that these prices will be valid until November 29: Do not leave it for the last day.


  • DOOM Eternal for 9.99 euros. Enter hell, grab your shotgun and destroy absolutely everything that moves. Ah, remember to put on your headphones so that the music is one with you.
  • Halo: The Master Chief Collection for 15.99 euros. All the main Master Chief titles at your fingertips and with 343 Industries review included.
  • Metro Exodus for 9.89 euros. No more living in the Moscow metro, it’s time to explore radioactive mother Russia with all the mutant consequences of it.
  • Battlefield 1 for 4.79 euros. The latest installment has turned out to be a frog for DICE and its version of the First World War is still full of players.
  • Fallout 4: GOTY for 9.99 euros. All the expansions of the Bethesda title for you to explore the Wasteland and discover its secrets.

Action and adventure

  • Assassin’s Creed Odyssey for 14.99 euros. Ubisoft returns to Steam, and if you had the Assassin’s Creed saga pending in order to continue it, the Odyssey sale makes it very easy for you: a great game like the crown of a pine tree.
  • God of War for 37.49 euros. It may take time for Ragnarök to arrive on PC, but that 25% price reduction makes diving into the PlayStation saga a double joy.
  • Spider-Man Remastered for 44.99 euros. Marvel fan? You’re going to freak out with the wall-crawler from Insomniac Games. The remaster arrived very recently and you can already have it with a 25% discount. And if you still want more, you also have the adventure of Miles Morales on Steam.
  • Monster Hunter Rise for 19.99 euros. All the epicness of the Monster Hunter saga with a new layer of emotion thanks to new attack and mobility techniques inspired by nunjutsu. A real past.
  • Stray for 21.59 euros. Much has been said about the “cat game”. Both, and to position it as a candidate for Game of the Year. Now, for just over 20 euros, you can draw your own conclusions. If you are passionate about kittens, you will enjoy it.


  • Rise of the Tomb Raider for 5.99 euros. Lara Croft’s latest adventure for Square Enix raised the bar for her survival trilogy through the roof. A tremendous brooch for the end of the most hectic stage of the video game icon.
  • Dead by Daylight for 7.99 euros. Cooperative survival with the charm of asymmetrical multiplayer. A murderer is on the loose and you will have to do the impossible together with other players to get out of trouble. Perfect to play with the light off.
  • Resident Evil Village for 29.99 euros. The entire Resident Evil saga is on sale on Steam, but we can’t stop recommending the latest installment. Above all, with the new free content and the story that it has just received as paid DLC.
  • Scorn for 31.99 euros. A twisted nightmare inspired by the work of . Without warning, we find ourselves in a gloomy world filled with strange shapes. Will we be able to escape from him?
  • State of Decay 2: Juggernaut Edition for 14.99 euros. Are you going to miss The Walking Dead saga now that it’s over? No problem: with State of Decay 2 you can live the nightmare of experiencing a zombie apocalypse every day and in your flesh.


  • Tales of Arise for 23.99 euros. Without a doubt, one of the best JRPGs we could enjoy last year. He takes the Flaming Sword and leads a rebellion against a 300-year tyranny.
  • Digimon Survive for 34.99 euros. The classic plot that we lived through in our childhood returns in a visual novel format with very challenging turn-based combat.
  • Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – GOTY Edition for 29.99 euros. FromSoftware’s most demanding title, which is saying. Here everything depends on the parry, so you better master his noble art.
  • Scarlet Nexus for 12.49 euros. It doesn’t matter if you’re Yuito or Kasane, either psionic has colossal powers to fight in an apocalyptic future.
  • Person 5 Royal for 41.99 euros. The ultimate tabletop hit from Atlus. A content-packed adventure that will offer you hundreds of hours until you complete everything.


  • Age of Empires IV: Anniversary Edition for 26.79. The flagship of Xbox Game Studios’ strategy cuts its price by a third just in time to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the saga. And not only that: with the new update come two new factions and cheats.
  • Civilization VI for 5.99 euros. One of the best strategy games of recent years with a discount of no less than 90%. If you don’t have it yet, go for it. Of course, consider the options with the DLCs first, which also have a discount.
  • Crusader Kings III for 39.99 euros. The role and the historical strategy go hand in hand in a sandbox in which we can rewrite history from top to bottom. As fun and deep as your imagination reaches.
  • Slay the Spire for 7.13 euros. One of the most addictive card strategy games with a discount of no less than 66%. We warn you, one or two games and you will not be able to stop playing.
  • Total War: Warhammer II for 20.39 euros. With the third installment of the saga already available, it is the best time to get hold of the trilogy. Not only because they all include their own factions, but because putting them together unlocks a great joint campaign. The sale? Nothing less than 66%.


  • Dragon Ball FighterZ for 8.99 euros. Light, fire and destruction by ARc System Works. All the manganime passion in team fights and great arcade sensations. Absolutely essential for fans of Son Goku and his friends.
  • Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate for 11.99 euros. The most complete edition of the most brutal installment of Mortal Kombat at an 80% discount. If you are passionate about fighting games, do not miss this opportunity.
  • Street Fighter V for 4.99 euros. Were you waiting for all the DLCs to come out to get the fifth installment of Street Fighter? With the sales, for less than 20 euros you get everything, but you can start warming up for five before getting into the ring.
  • Tekken 7 for 5.99 euros. With the eighth installment looming, it’s time to see what the Mishima family soap opera ended up with and, for that matter, leave our knuckles in the best foray into the saga to date.
  • The King of Fighters XV for 29.99 euros. SNK is back with everything! The new installment of KOF came out in February and you can already get it at half price. A firm candidate for the best fighting game of the year.


  • Rollerdrome for 19.79 euros. Crazy combination of styles. You use a skateboard to move at full speed while shooting everything that moves.
  • FIFA 23 for 41.99 euros. The quintessential soccer simulator. With Qatar 2022 taking place, you can now play the expansion dedicated to the World Cup.
  • NBA 2K23 for 26.99 euros. There is only one king in the world of basketball and it is the one created by 2K Games. He forms your squad and leads your franchise to conquer the ring.
  • Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions for 7.49 euros. Oliver and Benji’s legendary matches are here for us to enjoy with impossible goals and scandalous saves.
  • Golf With Your Friends for 4.94 euros. Hilarious format to play golf, being much more entertaining to do it with friends. Packed psychedelic holes that require a lot of skill to get it in first time.

Indies and little big jewels

  • Cuphead for 13.99 euros. The stars align: the new season of the Cuphead series premieres on Netflix, this year its DLC arrived (finally) and now Steam lowers it to 30% of its price. What else do you need to embark on this exquisite run and gun?
  • Hollow Knight for 7.49 euros. Everyone who has played Hollow Knight can’t wait for its sequel. There must be a reason. Whether Silksong arrives or not, we cannot stop recommending this gem for a price that is almost laughable.
  • It Takes Two for 15.99 euros. The winner of the best game of the year 2021 at 60% discount. And be careful: thanks to the Buddy Pass option, you can share the game and the game with another player totally free. Double hit at less than half its original price.
  • Hades for 12.59 euros. There are plenty of action roguelikes out there, but very, very few have the depth of Hades. Addictive beyond belief and with the master touch of Supergiant Games. What more could you want?
  • Subnautica for 14.99 euros. Our colleague Rubén is clear: Subautica is one of the biggest time thieves in our recent history. A place to take refuge with the charm of scuba diving.


  • Inert Drift for 9.99 euros. Impossible skids at full speed on neopunk circuits full of personality.
  • Horizon Chase Turbo for 3.35 euros. The most nostalgic will sign up without hesitation for this title in which taking the curve from the side is essential.
  • Burnout Paradise Remastered for 4.99 euros. The fabulous installment of Criterion Games returns with a spectacular coat of paint.
  • The Crew 2 for 9.99 euros. All of the United States at your disposal for you to travel by plane, car, motorbike or even by boat.
  • Euro Truck Simulator 2 for 4.99 euros. You must let yourself be carried away by the attraction of trucks and infinite deliveries throughout Europe.

Virtual reality

  • No Man’s Sky for 27.49 euros. The Hello Games universe in front of your eyes for you to fully explore, even if it’s impossible to cover everything.
  • Half-Life: Alyx for 23.59 euros. Without a doubt, the best VR game ever made. A fantasy that could only come from the minds of Valve.
  • The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR for 14.99 euros. Revisiting the world of Bethesda is a delight, but this time you can do it from a different perspective.
  • Red Matter Collection for 37.78 euros. Two titles in a single pack that takes us to a science fiction dystopia during the Cold War.
  • Time Lock VR 1 for 0.99 euros. She unravels the mysteries throughout various escape rooms.

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