The Extremaduran who wants to donate his invention to produce free electricity at home

The price of electricity has been at grotesque prices for months, of absolute terror. Spaniards try to spend as little as possible: put washing machines on the cheapest schedule, plug in the heating for short periods of time and keep track of the lights on.

It is what you have to depend on the big electricity companies. Although an Extremaduran has been disconnected from the network for years thanks to one of his inventions, which generates free electricity. Best of all, this inventor wants to donate his generator.

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It puts an end to the yoke of the big electric companies

Juan Luis Fernández Garrido got down to work with this invention in 1996 and finished it in 2018. That is, more than 20 years designing, manufacturing and perfecting this product that he now wants to share. Since he was able to finish his project, he has been adjusting it to almost perfection.

The generator invented by this 76-year-old from Extremadura has a magnetic anchor that moves a wheel thanks to an exact wavelength of magnetic charge. Where does the electricity come from? From the movement of the wheel, which manages to generate 8 amps totally free.

He has been perfecting this device for more than two decades

He has been perfecting this device for more than two decades


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“He works with sympathy, free and without being plugged into any source of energy,” Fernández Garrido tells the newspaper. Today. The generator is proven to work and can be recharged with a battery.

“In my house I am not hooked on the light with any company, and some neighbor has served to be able to have light in their house and warm up when they have gone out or have had an electrical problem”, has revealed this inventor.

Help those most in need

Several institutions have already been interested in this invention

Fernández Garrido, who was the inventor of therapeutic magnetic bracelets in the 90s, has said that he wants to donate his invention in a totally altruistic way.

It does not do it for the money, but so that families with fewer resources can always have electricity and, in addition, without paying abusive prices: “Generating energy is very cheap, but the large multinationals set the price they want and I do not want to allow that humble people pay the price they are asking for energy that is so cheap to produce. “

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You want to fight the price of electricity

You want to fight the price of electricity


The inventor, as he has told the newspaper Today, has already received the interest of some institutions and universities such as the Carlos III University of Madrid.

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