The experience that inspired Quinn Shephard to write Fake Influencer

A good option for this weekend is “Fake Influencer”the new black comedy of Star Plus starring Zoey Deutch which follows Danni Sanders, an aspiring writer who, in hopes of increasing her social media influence, fakes a dream trip to Paris to post on Instagram. Just when the plan seemed to be working, Danni wakes up to the news of a Terrifying incident in the City of Lights that puts her strategy in check and leads her to inadvertently fall into the biggest lie she ever imagined.

the new movie, written and directed by Quinn Shephardfocuses on the obsession of those who seek fame through these platforms for becoming influencers and harvesting thousands (or millions) of followers. The story draws on the experience of the director and screenwriter with the cultural collision that has taken place on the internet in recent years.

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