The ex-husband often comes to the house to play, suddenly the reaction of the new husband

Recently, the story of an ex-husband’s relationship with the new husband of a woman from Sichuan Province (China) started talking in an online community.

After a divorce for a while, the woman had a new husband. Her new family is quite happy and cheerful. They have a son together, Paige. sohu download.

Usually, after remarriage, it is difficult for a husband to accept his wife’s relationship with his ex. But this woman’s story is very special. One day, she and her current husband ran into their ex-husband again. After a few proposals, the two men got along pretty well. They don’t mind each other’s relationship, but they talk very happily.

The ex-husband and the new husband are next to each other, which makes the wife uncomfortable.

Since then, the ex-husband often comes to the ex-wife’s house to play. What these two men have in common is that they love to play games. Therefore, when they first met, they “talked” about gamers. Both considered each other relatives and the wife suddenly became unnecessary. The wife herself did not understand how her two husbands could be so close. This made her extremely uncomfortable.

The story after publication surprised many. Most believed that these two men should not have such a close relationship. Even if they are compatible, they also need to pay attention to the feelings of the wife.

“I don’t understand why a current husband can put up with the fact that his wife’s ex-husband often comes to the house. Doesn’t he really think it’s ingratitude? Two men put a woman in an awkward position. Is this true or a joke? one person commented.

“The ex-husband should know. Why can he go in and out of his ex-wife’s house like his own? If you love each other, you should make an appointment to go out for a drink, not come home to embarrass the three of you,” wrote another.

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