The etiquette mistake we all make on WhatsApp

Send and receive messages through the WhatsApp application is probably one of the activities that we undertake the most when we have our phone in hand.

Normally, we use it with friends and family, but more and more it has become a communication tool from the point of view of professional and labor.

Precisely for this reason, we must take care of the way in which we use WhatsApp so as not to incur a label error that we all do from time to time.

He talked to him about it. Mirror Liz Wyse, who is an expert in protocol and works for the prestigious firm Debrett’s. According to this professional, there something we should avoid at all costs.

You may find yourself in a vicious cycle where you feel compelled to answer late-night texts from your boss.

“It’s generally accepted that it’s inconsiderate to text or make calls late at night, and while there’s no absolute cutoff, for most people this means after 9 p.m. Wyse says.

“The main reason for this is that people start to relax in the middle of the night and therefore it is of rude to get them out of their pre-sleep routineunless you have a very good reason,” he continues.

Liz Wyse went on to say that texting an employee or colleague after 9pm can create a “poor workplace culture” and should be avoided.

“If that starts to happen, you may find yourself in a vicious cycle where you feel compelled to answer your boss’s late-night texts because you fear otherwise you will not be fully compromised“, he warned.

The expert added that there is an exception to the late-night texting rule: if you have reached a prior agreement. But otherwise, you have to wait until morning to send that message, preferably after 8:00.

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