The end of high-end compact phones. Asus is reportedly shutting down its Zenfone division

You can recognize the Asus brand in the smartphone market both by the gaming ROG Phone series and thanks to the excellent compact models of the Zenfone series. The latest Zenfone 10, like several of its predecessors, has already earned praise for its compact size, while other competitors certainly don’t skimp on space in their top models. However, it now looks like the Zenfone series may be coming to an end.

According to the Taiwanese portal Technews, Asus is undergoing internal changes in the structure of the company, and as part of this process, some divisions will be abolished. One of them is responsible for the Zenfone series. It is reported that employees of this division should be transferred to the ROG Phone division, which, according to the source, continues to work without changes.

If this information is confirmed, the Zenfone 10 model will probably be the last representative of this series. This is very disappointing, because there are not many compact Android devices on the market, and Asus was practically the only one in the premium category of phones with a classic design. The move will widen the gap in the compact smartphone market, but the new flip phone sector has a chance to partially fill it.

The reins of Asus smartphone production are likely to be taken over by the ROG Phone series, which is aimed at premium smartphones for gamers. They are characterized not only by high performance, but also by a large battery or compatibility with special gaming accessories. The ROG phone series could potentially expand with new models thanks to a newly arrived workforce that could at least partly fill the gap left by Zenfones. Of course, it is also possible that ROG phones will be released in the same form and with the same frequency as before.

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