The emotional gift of a father to his son when he finished Medicine

One of the most emotional moments in the life of a college student It’s your graduation. After overcoming years of studies, the embrace of some proud parents When it comes to receiving the title, it is quite an award. However, not everyone can experience that feeling if they have suffered the loss of their parents.

A medical student who has just graduated has shared his experience on social networks ensuring that, although his father passed away, he had a very special gift from him. For 25 years, her mother kept a gift and a very special note in a box.

“25 years ago my father passed away, today I graduated as a doctor, my mother (the most spectacular being in the universe) was saving this all these years for this day. Thank you dad, thank you mom,” explains Javier Vargas next to the image of the gift .

In the photograph you can see the wristwatch that Javier’s father left him as a gift and that will accompany this recently graduated doctor on his wrist in his professional stage. In addition, a note with an emotional message.

“From far, far away. Always taking care of you. Dad,” read the paper inside the wristwatch case. Both the gift and the message have been kept by Javier’s mother for more than two decades to give it to him at the time of his death. Medicine graduation upon completion of his studies at the University.

After its publication, Javier has received numerous response messages in which they share congratulations on his recent graduation. Also, ‘hugs’ for that emotional moment in which his mother got his father to be present at this very special moment in his life.

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