The EIB launches the first digital bond in euros with ‘blockchain’ technology

The European Investment Bank has launched a 100 million bonus of euros which is the first of its kind to use private technology’blockchain‘, as reported by the agency in a statement, also noting that it is the second digital native bond to be issued within the framework of what is known as ‘Project Venus’.

The operation has had the participation of Goldman Sachs, Banco Santander and Société Générale. The central banks of France Y Luxembourg “to provide a digital representation of the euro in the form of tokens.”

The issue, with a two-year maturity, has been registered and settled using the Goldman Sachs tokenization platform, known as GS Dap. Also, the investment bank acts as custodian of the accounts, while Société Générale is the custodian ‘on chain’. The ‘Project Venus’ consists of a series of issues on a ‘blockchain’, in which investors.

Banco Santander focuses on ‘fintech’

Banco Santander has launched, in collaboration with the University of Chicago, 1,000 Santander Scholarships | Digital Business 2022 to develop new skills in team management, implement innovations in the sector of the ‘fintech’ or understand current digital marketing strategies, a program that was born in a context in which new digital businesses are favoring the creation of a growing number of job opportunities.

The 1,000 scholarships can be studied in Spanish, English or Portuguese and are aimed at over 18 years of age residing in 11 countries (Germany, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, USA, Spain, Mexico, Poland, Portugal, United Kingdom and Uruguay). They are free, online and it is not necessary to be a bank customer or have a university degree or specific training. They can be applied for in Santander Scholarships up to next January 16, 2023as its promoters point out.

Participants must choose between three courses: ‘Digital Marketing’, which will allow understanding emerging concepts in this field and provides language, resources, strategies and tools; ‘Fintech’, which focuses on the main fintech fundamentals and the way in which they are shaping the financial industry; and ‘Building and Managing Resilient Teams’, focused on professional growth based on soft skills such as leadership, organization, management and team growth.

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