The driver of the car was killed near Glubokaya nad Vltava, crashing into a tree Crime | Budejska Drbna

Tonight, a tragic traffic accident blocked the main road between Gluboka nad Vltava and Tyn nad Vltava. The driver of the car lost control and crashed into a tree. He died on the spot.

The accident happened at about half past eight in the evening on road II/105 between Tyn nad Vltava and Deep nad Vltava. “The driver of the car lost control, went off the road in Staraya Obora and crashed into a tree”, said a police spokesman Martina Yoklova.

Despite the help of doctors, the driver died on the spot.

According to the traffic police, the road will be blocked until about 23:00. Traffic is directed to a detour through the villages of Munice, Zagayi and Oleshnik.

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