The Dominican who sings with Alejandro Sanz and auditioned for La Voz España

Karina Pasian, daughter of Dominican parents and singer’s showgirl Alejandro Sanz, showed up at La Voz España blind auditions, where “Your boss” is one of the judges and leaving everyone present delirious with voice.

With 29 years, the singer of Dominican origin has managed to be nominated in the Grammy, close next to Jay Z a record deal, and their 15 years olds was invited to sing for the US president George W. Bush, becoming the first Dominican to sing in the White House.

“I’ve spent my entire life dedicated to music. At the age of seven my father heard me playing, and suddenly he became my manager. At age 15 I met Quincy Jones, at age 16 I released a record, and I was lucky enough to meet Jay Z, who closed the deal with the record company, and that record was nominated for the American Grammys, “said Pasian in his audition for La Voz España.

With her prodigious voice, and after spending a season without singing, Karina appeared at auditions to be a backup singer for Alejandro Sanz, and she has been singing for him for two years, and decided to attend the voice auditions without the singer doing so. knew.

“I’ve been a backup singer for Alejandro for two years. Working with Alejandro is super fun, we had a great time, he takes great care of us. I’ve kept the secret, he doesn’t know anything. I really want to meet Alejandro to see what happens ”, said the singer.

The Voice Audition

At the blind audition, Karina performed with the song “Imagine” by Ariana Grande, Alejandro being the third coach to turn around, and immediately he said to one of his classmates: “she sings with me”.

After the audition, Alejandro approached the Dominican to greet her, and his first reaction was to say: What are you doing here?

Since choosing Alejandro as her coach, Karina has gone through the battles, and this Sunday she managed to reach the final phase of the contest, emerging as one of the favorites to win the famous reality show.

“The only thing I’m going to regret is that you’re going to have to go, because you’re destined for great things,” said Sanz.

La Voz España is presented every Sunday on the Antena 3 channel, on channels 272 of Claro, 508 of Viva and 141 of Altice.


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