The disturbing Netflix movie with Alyssa Milano that you should not miss in January 2022

The intrigue movie starring Alyssa Milano and Sam Page and directed by Monika Mitchell, has been placed at the top of popularity of the streaming platform, Netflix, in its first month of release and despite the bad reviews it received from different international specialists.

The thriller is based on the novel by Nora Roberts, ‘Brazen Virtue’; The story follows writer Grace Miller, an expert in uncovering the motives behind the murders. After the murder of his sister, he will need to use everything he knows to solve the case, in the process he will discover his double life.

Impudent: the disturbing Netflix movie with Alyssa Milano that you should not miss

On January 13, Netflix premiere immodest in its catalog and the film has positioned itself among the most watched in a few days after its release.

Our protagonist, embodied by Alyssa Milano, goes to Washington DC, to help his sister in the trial to win custody of her son. Things get complicated when on his way back from his appointment with a detective from the murder division, he finds his sister dead in his room. The famous novelist is involved in a mess that seems to be written by herself and becomes a key player in solving the case.

The film was not well received by critics. IMDb gave it 3.9 points out of 10, the review of the New York Times cataloged it as extremely predictable and adjusted to the formulas of the mystery genre and the NME medium considered it a dead production from the start. Among other opinions given, immodest it was described as “ridiculous”, “poorly acted”, “unimaginative”, “cliche” and “boring”.

But then how could immodest, a film that was panned by critics, became one of the most watched in Netflix?

Criticism does not always represent the public’s taste for a film production. A movie can please because it is entertaining, allows viewers to identify with the characters, the plot is captivating or the actors are to their liking.

Although a definitive answer cannot be given, the truth is that on this occasion the users of Netflix have given the opportunity to immodest and they want to be the ones who get their opinion on this thriller, good or bad, it’s up to them.

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