The definitive and cheap charger for iPhone, AirPods and Watch costs only 46 euros

One of the best made triple chargers with 15W fast charging.

The definitive and cheap charger for iPhone, AirPods and Watch costs only 46 euros

We have more and more gadgets on the bedside table every time the day ends, and they are many wires we have to connect to the current But if you had a single charger for all of them, you would save space and cables in one fell swoop. And how the triple chargers Belkin and Apple is at prohibitive prices, we bring you a very affordable one for 46 euros.

The MoKo manufacturer is a specialist in covers and chargers of all kinds, and has now specialized in wireless chargers. This one has fast charging and you can charge both iPhone and AirPods and Apple Watch at the same time on the same charging base and with a single cable. Has a very premium build and a solidity only seen in products of more than 100 euros.

Triple charging base (iPhone, AirPods and Watch)

Buy a triple charging base for 46 euros

moko triple charger

With this triple charger you can recharge the energy of iPhone, Watch and AirPods at the same time

If you have these three gadgets from Apple or any other brand, you can charge them at the same time with one power up to 15W. The base is made up of three zones: one completely flat with tempered glass to place your AirPods case with wireless charging, another rounded area to pose your Apple Watchand a robust aluminum pole with a magnetic round base for your iPhone 12 and 13 (and the rest of the family).

The base of the iPhone is magnetic, so only the base is compatible. charge at 7.5W with MagSafe-enabled device families (iPhone 12 and 13). In the base for AirPods (or Galaxy Buds, among others) the charging power is 5 W and in that of the Apple Watch it will be 3.5 W for all existing models. Also, all bases are compatible with sleeves up to 1 mm thick.

Quickly charge your three devices at the same time.

In the box, this dock comes with a wall adapter of 18 W and with a USB-C cable which is the port that integrates the base. You can use a more powerful charger if you need it, with one of up to 25 W you will have plenty. If you use a higher power you could damage the charging base. The iPhone can be charged horizontally, in case you want to continue watching a series or random videos while it is charging.

Triple charging base (iPhone, AirPods and Watch)

Already you will not suffer more overwhelm watching so much cable on the nightstand or on your desk while you work. With a single cable you can charge your 3 devices at the same time and with the security of a reliable manufacturer. This charging base has protection against overloads and short circuits. None of your gadgets will suffer a misfortune.

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