The deep meaning of Emilia Clarke’s tattoo in honor of GoT

The actress who gave life to “The Mother of Dragons” perfectly linked the love for her family and the successful series through her tattoo.

The career of various actors from Hollywood is mostly marked by a character that boosted his career as the case of Emilia Clarkewho gave life to Daenerys Targaryenalso known as The Mother of Dragons in the hit series HBO, game of Thrones.

Said character was quite loved not only by his fans, but also by his own clarkewho without hesitation twice decided to mark his skin through a tattoo a very important element of GoT in order to render him a tender tribute.


Emilia Clarke and her dragon tattoo

The actress took her role so seriously Daenerys Targaryen who decided to tattoo nothing more and nothing less than three dragons on your right wrist in order to see them every day. Said tattoo specifically represents Viserion, rhaegal Y dragonthe creatures with which the Khaleesi conquered the seven kingdoms of the series based on the saga of Song of ice and fire of George R.R. Martin.

A deep meaning beyond the series

In addition to honoring game of Thrones, Emilia Clarke confessed that the design of the three flying dragons also remind him of Peter clarkehis deceased father, her mother Jennifer And his brother Bennettwith whom he maintains a very strong family bond.


“It also reminds me of my brother, my mother and my father. It is very important to me because I lost my father. It has been very hard and it means that I want my family with me all the time,” he said.

The actress mentioned in some interviews that his father had been fighting cancer for years and that’s why when doing the three dragons tattoo he also thought about himself and the other members of his family.


His tattoo in honor of ‘Me before you’

Besides of dragons tattoo, clarke has another of bumblebee he did to remember his beloved character in the hit movie ‘Me before you’ eitherMe Before You’.

On the tape, the young Louisa “Lou” Clark who becomes the caretaker of William Traynor (Sam Claflin), tells him that one of his most beautiful childhood memories is a pair of socks with black and yellow lines, just like a bumblebee, so on her birthday he surprises her with some letting her know that he listened interested , unlike her shallow boyfriend.


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